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  1. Exploit-exercises.com for more advanced stuff
  2. The nexus 5 does but the 5X requires an external usb wifi adapter
  3. I know when I have gone agains avira before it will drop anything going out 4444. What port are you going out on?
  4. The reason it isnt fixed yet is broadcom is the chip in it and they dont release their firmware.
  5. The AC drivers dont work properly in Linux. Kali goves instructions for getting it to work but it is highly unstable and almost always makes your kali crash.
  6. Broadcom makes the chip and they wont release the drivers so no one has got it to work and be stable with linux yet.
  7. I forget where it is but it is a line in the config files. Most likely this is using the old files so it is not in the css properly
  8. On the ubuntu server forward ipv4 packets so vpn clients can get out.
  9. When work is cancelled due to snow and you need to stay home what else do you do but hack things. Time to work on updating the css and presentation of my pineapple and settings on my turtle.
  10. So we did a class one time and were having issues with a tp-link router. After firing up wireshark we were able to see every time we tried to deauth a client on the tp-link router it would send a deauth packet back at us. I bet if you fire up wireshark on another computer you will see the same.
  11. Rainman_34

    New Logos

    I was able to get a bunch of stickers of the new Hak5 logos for all of their devices while at Defcon but I can't find any digital copies of the new ones. Does anyone know where I can find them on digits? I would love to add the wifi pineapple one to my wifi pineapple web page.
  12. Thanks I really appreciate the help with this. Do I need the detour duck firmware or will the original firmware work for this?
  13. So I am currently doing some research with the Rubber Duck and of course whenever you plug it into a MAC it wants you to hit key strokes so it can identify the keyboard. This can be avoided by making it looking like an apple keyboard. I have found that there is a vid_pid swapper exe file which will pull from a list on a .txt file. I can not however find any tutorial or information on how to properly use this. Can someone please point me in the right direction for this please.
  14. you would have to save the results to a .txt file on the computer first and then export them that way. Check out ducktoolkit.com. You can check some things you want done and it will show you the coding and take the ideas from that.
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