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  1. New Logos

    I was able to get a bunch of stickers of the new Hak5 logos for all of their devices while at Defcon but I can't find any digital copies of the new ones. Does anyone know where I can find them on digits? I would love to add the wifi pineapple one to my wifi pineapple web page.
  2. VID_PID Swapper

    Thanks I really appreciate the help with this. Do I need the detour duck firmware or will the original firmware work for this?
  3. VID_PID Swapper

    So I am currently doing some research with the Rubber Duck and of course whenever you plug it into a MAC it wants you to hit key strokes so it can identify the keyboard. This can be avoided by making it looking like an apple keyboard. I have found that there is a vid_pid swapper exe file which will pull from a list on a .txt file. I can not however find any tutorial or information on how to properly use this. Can someone please point me in the right direction for this please.
  4. making the payload fatser

    you would have to save the results to a .txt file on the computer first and then export them that way. Check out ducktoolkit.com. You can check some things you want done and it will show you the coding and take the ideas from that.
  5. making the payload fatser

    You can also e-mail them to yourself or exfiltrate them over ftp
  6. I know I saw this before and as part of our training that we are doing we want students to take a computer that is currently connected to the network by ethernet and make it connect to the rogue access point they generate. From there students will have to work around the system remotely. So basically what I am looking for is directions on where to look as I can't find any for a ducky script that will tell the windows machine to connect to a specific access point with the specific password. Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. General NANO Discussion

    @Sebkinne has said they are currently working on a new firmware update but no ETA on when it will be released.
  8. Kali on Nexus vs Android

    I know everyone loves putting kali on their nexus devices but with the difficulty in acquiring Nexus sometimes what is the benefit to putting kali on a Nexus device vs putting kali on an android device?
  9. Internal network access

    SOLUTION: iptables -A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -j ACCEPT
  10. I forgot hak5 systems use a different form of linux. Try dpkg update && dpkg upgrade
  11. Reaver has been put on the pineapple so I'm sure it can be done but I'm not sure it is the easiest task to accomplish. I would install the current wps module which is available for the pineapple. Then attempt an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade and see if that gives you the new version of reaver.
  12. I Need Web Hosting (Drop a hosting offer)

    Ecowebhosting.co.uk is good. I have used them before. I have another client that I put there site on Hostgator.com. Both of which I have had no issues with.
  13. I personally have not tried the null pin but I can't see it working since the majority of routers come with it pre-programmed in. It might work on a printer though. Honestly this is the first I have heard of the null pin option.
  14. Is anything in the US really still vulnerable to reaver? Yes but few and far between. Personally if the router appears to be anything within the last 4 years reaver becomes a last ditch effort and if it locks after just a few tries I don't even waste time trying more with reaver.
  15. New to SDR

    This is great. Thanks for the help.