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  1. If the pineapple loses internet connection for a few minutes how long is it before it connects back to the cloud again?
  2. I think it might be my code because when I click accept in the portal it just keeps cycling back to the same page. Any advice on how to forward them to their original page request?
  3. Not sure if this has to do with the updated firmware or not but I have Evil portal running and I have found two issues. The first issue is that it won't read the symlinks I create so that I can store stuff on my sd card and not need to take up valuable space on the pineapple. The second issue is that once I click accept on my portal instead of directing me to say forums.hak5.org it keeps repeating the captive portal but once I type in a new web address it lets me visit web pages but I have to input a new web address first or it keeps repeating the captive portal.
  4. Awesome. I have been waiting for this. I will be updating as soon as I get back to my pineapple.
  5. Where is this payloads video?
  6. From the mentions before on the goal of the new firmware. I recently had to reset my pineapple because of forgetting my password and I have been holding off on redoing my web interface and captive portal for once I have the nee firmware.
  7. @Sebkinne has said they are currently working on a new firmware update but no ETA on when it will be released.
  8. SOLUTION: iptables -A FORWARD -i eth0 -o eth1 -j ACCEPT
  9. I forgot hak5 systems use a different form of linux. Try dpkg update && dpkg upgrade
  10. Reaver has been put on the pineapple so I'm sure it can be done but I'm not sure it is the easiest task to accomplish. I would install the current wps module which is available for the pineapple. Then attempt an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade and see if that gives you the new version of reaver.
  11. I personally have not tried the null pin but I can't see it working since the majority of routers come with it pre-programmed in. It might work on a printer though. Honestly this is the first I have heard of the null pin option.
  12. Is anything in the US really still vulnerable to reaver? Yes but few and far between. Personally if the router appears to be anything within the last 4 years reaver becomes a last ditch effort and if it locks after just a few tries I don't even waste time trying more with reaver.
  13. Definitely not. If that were the packet squirrel it would say packet squirrel for the. Ame and there would of been a release video. Bottom line. The packet squirrel is not available yet.
  14. No one has a solution to this?
  15. This is true if the network doesnt delete your mac from the white list every time it disconnects.
  16. If you first connect with you computer and accept the portal then connect the pineapple to your computer and pass the internet through your computer to the pineapple with the wp6.sh script yes. If you are just trying to use the pineapple by itself and connect to it then no as there is no way to accept and then have internet pushed to your pineapple.
  17. As I am messing around with my lan turtle I have noticed something and I am sure it is a simple iptables fix if someone could help. @Sebkinne Situation: the lan turtle is plugged into a computer and then network cable is plugged into the lan turtle with a subnet of Because the computer the lan turtle is plugged into gets a subnet of that computer does not see the other subnet. In turn it can not see any internal office shares or internal web pages on the network. If the employee of this machine accesses those on a regular basis they are going to find an issue and call support. Then eventually the lam turtle will be discovered :(. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  18. No I'm going to buy a prepaid visa card and use that to order
  19. These need to just arrive already. My cash is burning a hole in my pocket.
  20. So one of the "issues" with the program Evil portal is written in is that it must have an internet connection in order to work properly. I put issues in " " because it is not the developers fault nor anything that could be fixed. newbi3 used the best possible software he could to create the portal and still be able to give the most features. One work around would be to use a wifi card and connect to another wifi network in the area and push internet to the pineapple clients that way. If that doesn't answer your question send me a PM and I can try to work through it more with you that way.
  21. Check out the github for @newbi3. He has an update to the Evil portal that he has not completed and sent in to be the updated module on the pineapple. The version on his github allows you to select a portal based on mac address or type of device ie ios or android or windows type devices.
  22. So my inpatience kicked in. Darren does a great video on how to do this with openvpn access server and shows it working. Thats where I stipped watching. If you watch the last three minutes or so he discusses changes that need made on the turtle which makes this work.
  23. The issue is more wide spread. SSHFS does the same thing but starts if you click the start button. I have put anything I want to start on bootup in that bash script. Alternatively you can try the command - start (name of service) example: start openvpn and if that works just put that in the bash script. Not the solution that you may want but it is a work around and as Hak5 is currently in development of other products not sure when they will be able to fix these minor bugs. The solution will work until they do though.
  24. I have had similar issues. However when I click start openvpn it doesn't even work as expected but inputting the command manually does work fine. My work around to it was to create a script in /usr/bin/ file location titled startup.sh - Then in that file I did the following: #!/bin/bash sleep 1m && openvpn --daemon --config /etc/openvpn/my-vpn.conf Then in the cron module I did: @boot /usr/bin/startup.sh Don't forget to make the startup script executable. There are also some firewall rules and a network interface added to your files that I can provide screen shots for if you need them once I get home. If those changes are not made the turtle will lose all internet connection and the packets will not flow as the hak5 team likes to say. Feel free to message me if you need any help.
  25. I know it has been a month since you posted this but I didnt have a lan turtle before. I will post a picture from the openvpn site with the instructions they give. Not sure if it works though because when I connect to my turtle to the vpn I get no internet but my other clients on the vpn have internet so not sure what firewall issues my turtle is having.
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