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  1. Capsos

    No Loot

    hi guys ive tried this again and ran it on another system. it completed its payload and then i checked it but the loot folder is empty and the payload folder files i checked as well and there is nothing. this is the one im using.... # Info Grabber for the BashBunny Original Author Simen Kjeserud V2.0 Author: DannyK999 Version: Version 2.0 Credit: Hak5Darren, Hak5 and Simen Kjeserud for inspiration Has anyone with another system running windows 7 and Bitdefender able to test this payload. its the only old computer i had to test it on.
  2. Capsos

    No Loot

    Thanks all. Irl double check that.
  3. Capsos

    No Loot

    Happy New Year All Been checking the updates with the auto updater and new payloads. Ive ran a few on a older laptop i use for training encase i Fook it up..... Well ive tried a few of them now and all the RGB flash to the correct sequence. I have tried it with the Laptop in locked and unlocked and neither time when i check i have a empty loot folder !! Any ideas ? I have tried disabling my Security protection just in case but still nothing ! Thanks in advance
  4. Sebkinne is DWall your work ? If it is very good job ! I'm new to this and slowly learning and having chance to look into how these are written is a great help.
  5. Hey all. Cheers for all the advise so far !! Everything is now up and running brilliant my old phone using as the test device I had connected and as I was doing app updates.on it I could see the request packets and images etc on one of the modules (name has slipped my mind) but once I had this how would I save them for future use to say show a client etc ?
  6. Capsos

    Bash Bunny Setup

    All sorted Thankyou
  7. Hey all I have got a new Bashbunny and plugged it into a USB2 port in switch possion 1 and windows started to install Usb composite device READY CDC Serial NO DRIVER FOUND USB Mass Storage Device READY USB Device READY. Where can I find the CDC driver ?
  8. New update. ! I now have internet from my laptop's shared connection. I have my open SSID showing on a iPhone 5 but when I click to connect to it I have a info bubble popup saying "Unable to connect"
  9. I have no additional adaptors plugged in. It's just the nano plugged into the Y lead it came with and that is plugged into the USB2 port on my Toshiba laptop. I did have to install a driver so the Lab Connection showed up with it.
  10. No I've unplugged it multiple times and never had more than wlan1 I've also tried connecting the pineapple to my home network for internet on the only option of wlan1 and it works but when I try to set up my iPhone to the new test open network the iPhone comes up with "Unable to Connect to ....."
  11. I'm now trying to sharing the connection from my laptop WiFi incoming connection to my Lan on the WiFi Pineapple as shown here However my laptop WiFi connection is working fine but still no internet on my WiFi Pineapple ?
  12. Another problem all. Trying to set I'm WFP to my local network for internet however in the drop down box it only gives me wlan1 option but the note below states "using wlan1 will interfere with pineap" how can I get more options ??
  13. New to this. I've just got my first WiFi Pineapple and in the UK. It shows up in the WiFi SSID list but not as a ethernet connection. Any help please. Running Windows 7
  14. My name is Rob a.k.a CapsosFavourite game: Retro SonicFavourite OS: Linux (No Favourite as of yet)Favourite console: XboxNationality: BritishAccent: English (southern) Sex: Male Race: White European Height: 5"9.Build: AverageFavourite band: The Foo FightersFavourite TV Show: Scorpion / IZombieFavourite actor: Tom HanksFavourite actress: Jennifer LawrenceFavourite Pinup: Jessica NigriOther hobbies: Running, HikingCar: Volvo Focus Occupation: Engineer
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