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  1. My antenna was looking a bit boring so thought I'd make use of the stickers I was sent :) https://ibb.co/nggQUR https://ibb.co/jiSAw6
  2. Lol other than the login details for the APs console ports no lol
  3. was a good job mate, probably get a call tomorrow saying ive screwed up the wifi and it doesnt work lol
  4. spent thursday and friday reconfiguring the APs at Chelsea Football ground as they wouldnt connect to the controller :) interesting couple of days at work https://ibb.co/b75RYb https://ibb.co/eHDMYb https://ibb.co/mYVktb
  5. yeah i agree :) never ever did i flaunt it before i started working in a cyber security job, then when i got the job i thought, oh well im legally allowed to test now so why not lol
  6. neither did mine :( i emailed them and told them and they sent me a load of stickers lol
  7. I had to put it on, it matches the color of my zips lol
  8. ive always found it easy to do a scan with something like nessus and save the list of found vulns etc with a screen shot then go through each of the vulns creating screenshots for each saying what the vuln is, and any tests youve done against it again showing screenshots then put it all into a printed out booklet another system you could try is dradis which is a framework for reporting
  9. nice post from 2005, especially the modding of the gamecube :) Posted on Friday 5 August 2005 Hak.5 Episode 1 has been released. You can find the download links on the episodes page. In this pilot episode we cover: Does the speed at which you wardrive affect your ability to pick up wireless access-points? Controlling your household lights with an Internet enabled cell phone Killing local or remote windows processes from the command line Modding the gamecube to play DVDs Custom painting your PC case Windows installation tip
  10. i would not recommend dual boot at first as you change the master boot record for windows, so if anythings messes up you will no longer be able to access windows without foxing the boot record first via windows recovery console. either install to usb with persistence (guide on kali site) or install to a usb hdd
  11. i have kali installed on a usb hdd so i can make changes, install updates an programs etc and they stay
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