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  1. i would not recommend dual boot at first as you change the master boot record for windows, so if anythings messes up you will no longer be able to access windows without foxing the boot record first via windows recovery console. either install to usb with persistence (guide on kali site) or install to a usb hdd
  2. i have kali installed on a usb hdd so i can make changes, install updates an programs etc and they stay
  3. just a short video i made showing how to connect the nano to kali using wp6 in order to do your mitm attacks on your laptop hopefully this can be of some help to some people :)
  4. what output do you get from kali if you run route -n, what does it say your gateway is
  5. sorry dude i got jumbled up lol ive just realised setting the was a setting i had to do in bettercap to get it to work when the nano was connected via wp6 script ????
  6. unplug the third radio and try it again using your default gateway ie i just came to realise that mine wouldnt work using with the third radio plugged in as the nano was connecting to my home via wifi rather than via the laptop
  7. havent used vm for a long while so cant remember lol i just remember having issues with kali ages ago and had to set it to bridged :)
  8. hi buddy im slightly confused now as my network gateway was for internet access but that didnt work untill i set my script gateway to, any idea why or am i just reading your post wrong :)
  9. cant remeber of top of my head but google bridged network vb
  10. are you bridging your connection correctly in vb network settings
  11. vmware is actually free i think its called vmware viewer, and yes boot from usb, would need to be 4gb, you may have to manually set gateway to get rid of error untill this issue with connection is resolved
  12. you could always run kali as a live usb instead of a VM which would be better, if not id give vmware a try as ive had less networking issues with vmware over virtualbox
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