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  1. hi, I have updated libpcap and it works :). Thanks @Just_a_User for your help and @Zylla for your work. root@Pineapple:~# wash -i wlan1mon Wash v1.6.1 WiFi Protected Setup Scan Tool Copyright (c) 2011, Tactical Network Solutions, Craig Heffner BSSID Ch dBm WPS Lck ESSID -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A0:1B:29:XX:XX:XX 1 -76 1.0 No Livebox-26XX B0:B2:8F:XX:XX:XX 6 -76 1.0 No Livebox-66XX AC:84:C9:XX:XX:XX 6 -85 1.0 No Livebox-C5XX root@Pineapple:~# reaver -i wlan1mon -b A0:1B:29:XX:XX:XX -p
  2. hi, After installation I have a message when I start reaver :( root@Pineapple:/tmp# opkg install reaver_1.6.1-1_ar71xx.ipk --force-downgrade Installing reaver (1.6.1-1) to root... Configuring reaver. root@Pineapple:/tmp# reaver reaver: can't load library 'libpcap.so.1' root@Pineapple:/tmp# wash wash: can't load library 'libpcap.so.1' root@Pineapple:/tmp#
  3. Thanks for your work @Zylla, i search for how to install an ipk file for pineapple, do you have a link ? thank you
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