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  1. Might have fixed this. Stumbled across another thread. Now got nano connected to battery and usb WiFi dongle. I reset the nano and in the setup where I’d set ‘allow’ I changed it to ‘deny’ - can’t find the original post / poster but thank you for putting down how you did it! Connected to laptop Held down reset button for 7 seconds Waited (nervously) while the blue light flashed - for quite some time. When light went solid I put the ip 172 etc... into the search and the set up page popped up immediately. Followed all steps and changed access to deny for both drop d
  2. Hi all. I've searched through approximately 60 pages on this topic, checked out various websites, watched youtube tutorials and still coming up a blank, although I've learnt a fair bit of other info in the process! Set up - nano / laptop / iPhone -works fine, can get full access to pineapple on iphone - bingo! Set up 2 , nano, usb power pack (got one powerful enough to run the pineapple) Got the correct railink usb dongle and got blue light and the pineapple comes up on the wifi devices list - unable to connect either via phone or laptop. Set up 3 - as client (all settings corr
  3. I’ll look into that, many thanks for the steer. I’ve got a lot to learn before I could even conceive a way of making my own program. Never say never though! Cheers, Sid
  4. Hi Dave. Not having much joy really. Found a few programs that are used in the construction industry for site surveys. I’m not too sure if they can actually detect WiFi signals or you add them to plans and the computer ‘theoretically’ works out its coverage from the surrounding construction / obstructions. If I find anything I’ll add it here, might help someone in the future. Cheers, Sid
  5. Unusual question probably but is there a way of making the nano (and tetra) more targeted. Ie. By physical shielding? I would be looking to recon for a specific SSID (router or client connected) If I were to get close enough to the target property and some way shield the device would it make the chance of obtaining the target details show up with their signal strength. Many of the engagements I have been on historically I’d looking for very specific clients attached to the SSID. I’ve been on the physical side of this for many years now, and just looking for cleaner options
  6. Hi all. I’m looking for recommendations for software that will allow me to map an area and have the ability to have WiFi devices overlaid onto the map. This would be used as part of the recce phase of a site exploitation. Bit of google searching found some useful looking programs but mainly based around large enterprise firms. If there is something more suitable for pen testing out there (rather than drawing on a map!) then any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Sid
  7. I’ve tried searching various terms and sub forums without much success. Is there a consolidated thread where people are putting images up of their kit set ups? I come from a long career in physical security, locks, safes and other mechanical devices and I’ve learnt a lot and found better ways of carrying kit from the posts of other kind people willing to share their ideas. I’ve been assisting with fairly interesting site exploitation’s for about 10 years now but I’m finally starting to scratch the surface when it comes to the electronic side of the house. Decent kit bags,
  8. I got my stuff from Lab401 in France. Really quick delivery. No import issues etc. Order I placed on Monday for some more kit will be here with UPS on Thursday.
  9. Set my tetra up yesterday to a raspberry pi 4. Typed in (did not need to type 1471) and it went straight to the set up page as described in both the book and the YouTube videos. Set up was immediate and I was using it straight away testing deauth attacks on client devices (what its has been bought for). Deauth worked within 10 seconds on all devices tested. I’ve not got onto all the other features as not really part of this project I’m working on so I can’t comment on how well that works. Was worried that I’d bought an expensive box after reading (after purchase!) some of
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