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What you carry in your hakpack


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That phone is like a dozen years old!, and games are played in portrait!

Pretty much all cell phone games are played in portrait, but not all cellphone games have PS1 graphics (this was a big thing in 2003).

It's a damn good phone. It's been dropped hundreds of times,thrown (hard ) against 2 brick walls, and a concrete floor, and it's still fully functional and in one piece. Why is it that people spend hudreds of dollars on a crappy cellphone each year when they could just buy 1 smartphone that is durable enough to last much longer?

I might be replacing it soon for a Nokia NFC phone so i can do RFID hacking, but until then, the N-gage is here to stay.

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hp mini note 2133

ubiquiti srx 300 express wireless card

hawking usb wireless RT73 card wiff sma connection

g-sat bluetooth gps receiver

HTC Touch HD cell phone

Hawking 10dbi omni antenna

Springfield XD .40 subcompact with 1 extra 9 round clip.

What do you need the Springfield for?

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In My Pocket:


Sonyericsson k700i

HP iPaq 610c

1GB USB Flash Drive

Little Cash

Plastic (Cards)

In Backpack:

Eee PC 901

Charger for eee

Mini Mouse

USB Cable (A to MiniA)

Headphones + Microphone

3G Modem + USB Extension cable

CAT.5 2m Network Cable

Notebook + Pens

Whiteboard Pens

Chocolate Bar

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* ASUS M51TA Gaming Notebook (Vista x32)

* *Sometimes* Compaq Evo n115 crap notebook (xUbuntu)

* Logitech Wireless Laser Gaming Mouse

* 4 GB USB Drive

* CanTenna *WOOT!*

* Chargers

* Cat 5e cable (Steal WIFI & Gigabit Ethernet at once!)

* Maximum PC Mag

* M33-enabled PSP-1001

* School Stuff


* Blackberry Perl

* 16 GB iPod Nano Chromatic

* Wallet

* Keys


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This bag has two load outs that I'll change up depending on how I think the day will go or if I'm going to work.

Both have the following:

Belkin 3 port surge arrest w/2 USB charging ports

iPhone w/USB cable

iPhone ear buds

Emergency funds

Folding knife (to protect the emergency funds)

Various candies


1 Pen, 1 Fine point Sharpie, 1 Yellow highlighter

A few USB thumb drives, including a U3 drive that I haven't decided on a payload for yet so it just carries portable Firefox and OOo


PSP w/charger

Palm LifeDrive w/USB cable (for data storage)

Plantronics desk phone headset w/quick release connector (I'm a desk jockey/Technical support)


13" MacBook w/charger which takes up the space the work stuff would occupy.

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In my backpack I carry:

-inspiron 640m (ubuntu, atheros wifi) + charger

-various CDs (ubuntu, bt3, dsl, gparted, dvl, chaos, memtest, vista and xp disks)

-16GB and 4GB cruzer micro

-sansa clip + headphones + usb cable

-set of screwdrivers and mini pliers

-mini surge protector



-mini alligator jumper cables

-usb gps

-usb extension cable

-s-video cable

-ethernet cable

-usb to serial adapter

-sata/ide to usb adapter

-power adapter for sata/ide HDDs

-usb multi card reader

-flashlight + extra batteries

-pencil, pen, notebook

-swiss army knife

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Dell Laptop

Acer Inspire One

Fon - Jasager installed

Airlink wireless card with Atheros chipset

BackTrack 3 USB and CD

Utility CD with multiple tools :)

USB Hacksaw

USB switchblade

Random USBs

Cell phone (EVDO) - for ICS

That cute "danasoft" app is a little off.

Actually, I'm running fedora 10, not

winXP. B)

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I wish I had a laptop backpack, but I am incredibly cheap, and

it really sucks for my dad to be stationed in germany w/ me,

because everything takes forever to get here (especially,

mail) Anyway, here's what I keep in my (obviously overkill)

laptop case.

- My sony vaio notebook, complete w/ fedora

- My windows laptop, which I don't

take anymore, considering that I'm

still googling for the replacement screen.


- remote control

- headphones

- PSP (hacked)

- leatherman tool

- a few games (for long, boring waits)

- a few phreak boxes (I'm old-school, too)

- a few mags (linux user & developer, usually)

- my cigars (and lighter)

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Aluminum MacBook Dual booted with WinXP, with the SSD.

MacBook Charger


Iphone Headphones

Paper Clips |-----------------| Big ones

1/2 Terra byte USB Drive

latest copy of 2600

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I have 2 lists one for school and one for any other time,


  1. Schoolbooks (usually 5-10)
  2. MacBook (white)
  3. MacBook charger
  4. Pencilcase
  5. Jacket
  6. iPhone (1G) charger cable (even EDGE sucks the battery down WAY too fast)
  7. 2GB USB stick
  8. Mirror (I'm vain)
  9. Deodorant (The vanity creeps back though)

Other times is everything above minus the schoolbooks.

My pockets are usually fill most of the time with:

  1. An iPhone
  2. Money (not a great deal of it)
  3. Chewing Gum
  4. iPhone Headphones, kinda the reason i baught the iPhone, so I had an iPod, a camera and a phone in one
  5. Keys, often forgotten, big mistake!
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Oooh! Looks like I missed that. I've got a Jornada 680 which I intended to run Linux off of, but never managed to achieve that particular goal. This jLime Linux actually supports my device. Nice!

Now I don't have a hackpack myself, but I do bring a pack when my girlfriend and I go out hiking. Some of the stuff we bring I would've expected as standard in a hackbag aswell.


- A flashlight.

I've got this really nice 1Watt, 40 lumen (which due to its tight beam can illuminate the grass on the ground below my 5th floor balcony with ease) flashlight that does something like 40 hours on 3 AAA batteries. 12 cm short, about 2.5 cm across, very sturdy and very light. Obviously I keep a spare set of batteries for it in the bag aswell.

- vacation pack of floss wire.

No, I'm not _that_ much into dental hygene, but this tends to be a tough, durable and very small package containing a very long piece of string. I doubt I'm the only person that ever needs to tie stuff up...

- a disposable lighter.

Maybe even two.

- Food & drink

A few candy bars or something like that and half a litre of fluids to keep you up and at it.

- A poncho

Weighs and costs next to nothing, easy to pack but can be a lifesaver when the weather goes to shit.

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toshiba tecra m1 xp - backtrack dual boot

max 232 adapter

10 PIN JTAG with solder free 10 pin headers

card programmer

10 funcards

soldering iron

plug and play ledsim

belkin wifi dongle

ambit 250 cable modem and power supply

serial and parralel leads


cat 5 cable

thats it from the top of my head well without getting everything out to check

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