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  1. I don't have that much control over the network. They have to limit the things I'm capable of because I could access professor accounts (I'm still a student here). So it's not my bad. The update issue affects my mother too, for example.
  2. I'm trying to build a list of things that are fundamentally wrong with Windows..., XP, Vista and 7 (since they are all in use today and popular) are fair game. I don't want to turn this into a bash thread though, so be respectful. I'll throw my first two gripes out there and we'll see where it goes: 1. Updates. It seems like every time I turn on a Windows machine at work, they're requiring updates. Okay, apply, restart. Oh, more updates. It's like we're always playing catchup. It gets even harder when you have 150 machines you're managing to make sure everyone is updated. Of course, we have a script that reports out of date machines, but it's still such a hassle. Auto-update keeps a lot of these issues in check, but Windows seems to have a penchant for prompting the user with a dialogue box that they must click before updates get patched. Here's a typical scenario. -Microsoft puts out a new patch. -The patch requires the user to click 'next,' 'I agree,' 'I do not want to participate,' etc. -The user is not present, or doesn't get the notification -The patch is not applied -Autoupdate stops working because the user needs to activate the dialogue box -The notification only popped up the one time, and must be forced (Start>All Programs>Windows Update or whatever) in order to patch -Then auto updates will start working This happens with WGA and IE8 installations. It also made scores of our machines require manual installation because the user didn't click next or whatever. There other problems too..., like an admin will have to babysit the patching machine because they pop up with questions that need action or the update stops. This happens with Windows XP installations too. I would be fine with daily updates, if a sysadmin didn't have to constantly be doing this manual stuff. It's like self compromisation. 2. Startup and shutdown times............, far, far, far, far too long. What do you got? (I'd stay away from viruses. Windows is the major player, thus a target for all that kind of stuff. If Linux was as big, you'd better believe it'd probably be the same thing)
  3. Thanks VaKo..., People always says "the earth goes from hot periods to cold all the time." Atmospheric tests made a link between greenhouse gasses and those hot and cold periods. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, and there is far more in our atmosphere than would be naturally. Even if we are in a natural warming period, we're accelerating it to a level the earth may not be able to handle. Ironically, many of the folk that say "the earth goes from hot periods to cold all the time" frequently also say that the earth is 6000 years old. Very contradictory. VaKo made an interesting point about it's only a debate in America..., purely speculative, but I'd like to think it's because corporations are pumping money into politicians/news organizations/fake science companies/etc to cloud the field, create controversy, and spread lies... Oh well.
  4. omigosh! YOU'RE TOTALLY RIGHT! Offshore drilling, BEAUTIFUL! All those companies that will be doing it are AMERICAN. Right!? (nope) Oh yeah, fuck those TINY CARS. AMERICAN'S DRIVE HUGE CARS! Duh..., OF COURSE, those faggot democrats are going to make construction companies, truckers, and AMERICAN farmers drive those faggot battery powered two person cars. How will will they get work done?! (Don't be so naive) =============================================================== I'm done,... I'm arguing on a forum with something that's 100% anonymous who created this thread to spark controversy. Did you honestly think that everyone here would buckle down and agree with you? You aren't a scientist, you aren't an economist, you aren't a politician. Hell for all I know (and can only assume) you're probably under 18. You have massive conceited selfish ideals that are ridiculously one sided. Some of us here are just trying to balance you out..., no one can have it all. In the end..., we have an administration and congress that support notions you don't. It's going to change, and there's nothing you can do about it. Sorry kiddo. Even if things get worlds better, you'll probably still be all grumpy.
  5. Okay, I'll bite. Global warming isn't real. You are clearly a scientist and have done plenty of research. Let's continue on our path of massive pollution because there are NO consequences at all.
  6. k........., so I've read this whole thing and I think a lot of you guys have no idea what you're talking about in terms of basic science concepts and ideas and even less about macroeconomics of the entire world. Citing your own uneducated ideas as absolute truth and fact..., is completely wrong. Here's what I think. Of course, anecdotal..., these were the primary reasons behind the bill: 1. With mostly everything moved to wind/solar/geothermal, all our electricity would be domestic, and the jobs domestic too. Saving,............................, insane amounts of money/jobs that goes to other countries. 2. No one is forced to do anything. If you want a massive car, you can still get it...., just be ready to pay more for it. 3. I don't understand it when people poo poo fundamental earth saving principles. Even if you don't believe in global warming (climate change is more appropriate, it doesn't get warmer everywhere), you can't support jobs/money staying in the US, cleaner air, more produce, more fish, more animals, cleaner water, maintained and beautiful forests and natural landscapes, etc etc etc. It's mindboggling. The reason companies hate this stuff is because they have to spend a bit more money to properly dispose of waste products and the like. 4. You'll save money too..., but not right away. You'll probably pay less for cars, be able to drive them further, and recharge/fill them for less. 5. Your kids kids will thank you. ------------------ It seems like you guys have been watching too much Fox News..., they spread fake controversy everywhere. Last, your induction road thing? Gosh, it's stupid that that was even brought up. We don't even have paved roads or internet everywhere. Priorities people.
  7. We had three lab machines die within two weeks all completely randomly. Of course, we (my coworkers) ran the usual array of diagnostics and determined they had to be a motherboard failures. The company that built our PCs sent us replacements, and I installed them. Everything worked fine, I got them back on their feet and installed updates and what not. However, the second we put them back into their mounts in the labs, they die again. I'm utterly perplexed as to how this happens. Afterward, I'll bring them back to the staging room, and we'll run the tests again. I even went as far as to try the different processors and components from working lab machines and it was still unresponsive but the other parts worked in the working lab machines. By die, I mean, they power on, don't give the system beep, and no video is displayed. It doesn't even activate the monitor (it stays with an amber light). The computer must be hard reset to turn off. Any ideas? I'm going nuts over here.
  8. Tell me about it. It's not my situation..., I'm just dealing with it because it's "critical to his research" and research dollars pay the bills at a University. In any case...., a tricaster is probably out of the question for a one time deal. Moreover, I don't know where I could get one within 18 hours, figure out how it works AND authorize university spending on it (bureaucracy, yay). It's interesting that computer science professors have no clue how to use a computer..., I guess that's part of the misconception though. He was originally supposed to go to germany to do the speech, but his wife was injured, and he has to stay home. I just know there must be a way to do this via software..., or is it just not possible in Windows.
  9. A client of mine hired someone to help him set up a Skype conference. He had never used Skype before and enlisted the aid of a undergrad student to help him out. He's apparently giving a speech on cryptology to several hundred germans or something. Anyway, his undergrad has been a no show and potentially bailed on the project and now he's come whining to the admins to do it for him. Getting skype up and running is laughably simple, but there's one caveat. He wants to start with him talking, video. He'll be displayed at this conference in Germany or whatever. Then, he wants to seamlessly switch to his slides and back again. I don't know how to do such a thing in windows so seamlessly. On a mac, camtwist would be the best way. I've asked if using something like GoToMeeting is acceptable, but the professor doesn't even understand what skype is, so it's hard to explain what GoToMeeting does.. He actually calls it Skypple in his written communications with me. He also insists that Skype is the only thing the Germans will accept. He gives the presentation in 18 hours, so I don't have a lot of time to tinker around with funny business. Suggestions? Thanks?
  10. There isn't a pay as you go option. AT&T officially shut down all the phones using the service recently. Note, the people that had used the GoPhone service did so via unscrupulous means..., there is no legit way to do it. Jailbreak and go......, where, T-mobile? Great! No 3G and the price would only be marginally cheaper.
  11. The Conduit, FFXIII/FFXIV..., anything from Blizzard.
  12. You make it sound like a crime, or that it's a bad thing. Really, most of us iPhone users are good, well meaning people. As long as you're happy with the device, isn't that all that matters?
  13. iTunes does backup application data when it performs a backup of your phone. In order to restore this data, you have to "restore" the phone when you plug it in, the restore will do its thing, it will ask to be plugged into iTunes (hopefully it still is), then it will ask if you want to "Set up as a new iPhone" or "Restore from a backup," select backup, select which back up, then let it do it's thing. It even says so itself in Apple's Knowledge Base Article. By "except the application itself" it means, if you don't sync the application, it won't sync your backed up app store data. It's like an AND gate, 1 ^ 1 = 1 and nothing else. Your analogy to Windows XP "restore points" is wrong, it's much more like OS X's Time Machine if you save each backup individually. It restores the phone exactly how it was when the backup is made (except App icon placement). Backups are created every time you sync, unless less than 5% of your data has been changed or something like that. If you wanna force backup creation, there is a how to in the Knowledge Base article I gave you earlier. Last, your warning about "maps corrupting the iPhone" doesn't make sense..., are you sure that's what caused it? Again, I must press, app redownloads are free -- it's linked to your account. Last, if you don't use an iPhone, don't I wouldn't take this guy's anecdote as truth.
  14. How do your "maps become corrupted." That doesn't even make sense to me as an iPhone user for over a year, nor an iPhone developer. The iPhone backups every time you sync..., and backups do in fact restore app information. So I have no idea what you're talking about here and apparently the blackberry/winmo users here ate it up. Did you never sync your iPhone? You sound whipped...., :P what does some random girl? How can she "hate it" and why does she make your choices for you. It's not about if she hates it -- if you want it and like it, then that's all that matters. Yes, purchases are linked to your iTunes account and can be downloaded multiple times to five devices that you have linked to the same account. In 3.0, only one account cant be linked at a time..., but that's not the case now. The iPhone platform has been out for two years now! How come people don't know this stuff?!
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