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  1. I am thinking about linking two computer, one with processing power and one with storage. But cannot decide with interface to use, i want something on the cheap side, but with 3Gbps+ speed, also don;t want to go via a switch or any other "hardware" in between, just a 1m cable. It would have been ideally to use 1Gbps ethernet with a cross cable, but i need something that can deliver 3Gbps+. The storage system is going to have Linux, but on the other one I haven't decided yet. It can be Linux or VMware ESXi, so the link has to be something that i can install drivers for in each system. Any ideas?
  2. Thanks, must have forgotten. I think switch is faster then if: if (k == 0) c = '-'; if (k == 1) c = '\\'; if (k == 2) c = '|'; if (k == 3) c = '/'; switch (k) { default: case 0: c = '-'; break; case 1: c = '/'; break; case 2: c = '|'; break; case 3: c = '\\'; break; }
  3. What is the best toolkit for .NET/Mono. As i know, winforms or GTK# are not the best choice for a cross-platform applications. I would like something that can be distributed with the application, without any need to a runtime installtion beside mono on POSIX.
  4. Today i was not feeling like working with anything particular, so i decided to work on a little emulation of progress bar in ANSI C for a console app. Was wondering if there is anything that can be optimized in the code below? #include <stdio.h> #ifdef __MINGW32__ #include <windows.h> #else #define Sleep(t) usleep((t) * 1000) #endif int main(int argc, char **argv) { if (argc < 3) return 1; int len = atoi(argv[1]); int step = atoi(argv[2]); int i; char buf[len+1]; char c = '-'; float fstep = (float)len / (float)step; for (i = 0; i < len; i++) { buf[i] = '-'; buf[i+1] = '\0'; } printf("[%s] %c %02.0f\%\r", buf, c, 0.0); fflush(stdout); for (i = 1; i <= step; i++) { Sleep(3); int j, l; for (j = 0; j < len; j++) { if (j < i*(fstep)) { buf[j] = '#'; l = j; } else { buf[j] = '-'; } buf[j+1] = '\0'; } if (i != step) buf[l] = '>'; int k = i%4; if (k == 0) c = '-'; if (k == 1) c = '\\'; if (k == 2) c = '|'; if (k == 3) c = '/'; float per = i/(float)step*100; printf ("[%-*s] %c %02.0f%% \r", len, buf, c, per); fflush(stdout); } printf("\r\n"); return 0; } Should be able to compile with GCC as well as mingw32. Attached are the screenshots of the application running on lenny and xp.
  5. I want to convert a SSH SOCKS proxy into a HTTP proxy. I can get an SOCKS proxy up by -D for ssh. But is there a way to convert it into a HTTP proxy (on client side). I could setup a HTTP proxy on the server, and port forward it, but i don't have install rights on the server, and some of the apps i use don't support SOCKS proxy. Any ideas...
  6. Does the user have access to CMD.exe. Have you tried to SFTP to the server. Have you tried with a local user or a virtual user in WinSSHd. I am running WinSSHd on Windows 2003 Standard (without DC), don't have any problems.
  7. I use WinSSHd from Bitwise [ http://www.bitvise.com/winsshd.html ]. It works like charm on Windows 2003. There is a free version for personal usage...
  8. How? Have tried gnu httptunnel but couldn't get it working with SSH, OpenVPN worked like charm. But now i can't install OpenVPN, my admin rights were revoked due to a new policy in act.
  9. I was just wondering is there any way i can connect SSH while I am behind an ISA proxy?..
  10. I am going to have a combination of Windows and Debian/Ubuntu on the network...
  11. I am going to deploy a machine with several Virtual Machines. But i need some sort of file share server in order to have all the files centrelized. I cannot afford more then what i have hands on, which is an old computer. I have been looking at some alternatives. - Samba (So far best resault) - SSHFS (unstable for me) - NFS - FTP - WebDAV Samba seems to be the winner right now...
  12. I am working on a windows shell for my tiny Asus Eee PC 901. But i can't seem to be able to recreate System Tray (aka. notification area). I don't wan't to use an extra application but have it integreated in my Shell. I am working in WPF and C#.
  13. The system looks like to be made for Win2k, i ran XP and a 733Mhz with 256 MB in ram it did struggle.
  14. Xandros is based on Debian, so it supports apt. For me Xandors from Asus was a bad experience, its repo was corrupted. Others seems to have better luck. Anyway here is way to get Xandros: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xepc/ .
  15. Try these: http://unattended.sourceforge.net/ http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=install+x...8&fr=megaup http://www.lockstockmods.net/2008/04/25/in...twork-with-pxe/ How to do it from a 1GB+ USB drive http://wiki.eeeuser.com/windowsxpusb http://wiki.eeeuser.com/restore_1000h http://www.eeeguides.com/2007/11/installin...b.html?fe5f1540 http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=eee+insta...8&fr=megaup Or just boot dos usb with xp install on it...
  16. You can build a Mini-ITX Pc, based on something like Intel D945GCLF2 mother board, it comes with a dual core Intel Atom processor with 64bit support. You can build a decent system under 400 USD. And just put Ubuntu Server or Cent OS on it. http://www.intel.com/products/desktop/moth...2D-overview.htm http://ark.intel.com/cpu.aspx?groupId=35641 http://www.mini-box.com/Intel-D945GCLF2-Mini-ITX-Motherboard
  17. I am just sold to Commander and Conquer (Battle between NOD and GDI).
  18. Downloaded as soon as i got the alert form Microsoft yesterday, worked fine for me...
  19. Fore some reason i get best battery performance with Windows XP (Haven't tried Win7 yet, or Jaunty). I get 2 hrs of extra battery with XP then any given Linux Dist (Can't say about Jaunty yet).
  20. It was bound to happen sooner of latter, although Autoplay is still there (if i remember it right).
  21. The problem is Hak in the URL, Hak is a derivation of hack, and as a simple rule erverybody try to block keyword hack...
  22. What i can see you can do all the stuff in Ubuntu with a little bit of time on hand? I have one tule, never pay for Linux, only for the extra support... As soon as Jaunty comes out (means next weekend) i will switch 2 of three of my machine to Jaunty.
  23. Like 2003 i started working on something similar. But never got around... Nice so gar...
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