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What you carry in your hakpack


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metatron holy, what do you do that you need all that?

International man of mystery. I could do my 90 liter pack which has a large tent, sleeping bag/mat, full cooking equipment, 40ft and 20ft telescopic mast/tripod three antennas, pirate flag, another radio, 4 part dish, VSAT kit, TNC, I could go on but you get the idea.

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Canon Digital Rebel XSi

Acer Aspire One

Garmin Nuvi 270

Fon 2100 "Pineapple"

Fon 2201 "Monkey"


9 dBi Antenna

ES Moleskin

Skilcraft pen

USB A to USB mini B

USB to Fon 2100 Power

Fon 2201 Power Brick

Misc. USB Switchblades/Hacksaws/Chainsaws/Knuckle Rings

Dual USB A to USB mini B

Cat 5

What is the usb knuckle ring?

i have never seen that on the forum before

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in my pockets i keep

iPhone 3G Jailbroken of course

SkullCandy Ear Buds - because iPod earphones suck

Wallet, usually with Bus pass inside, typically at least £300 cash, bank card, college card

keys, with 2x SanDisk Cruzer 16gb U3 Drives, Car Keys, House keys


Acer Aspire 6920G Gaming Laptop

Acer Charger

iPhone USB lead

Logitech wireless minimouse

Acer Aspire One

Pot Noodle!

can o lager

can o red bull

a spare hoody - might get cold!

Seagate 250gb mini harddrive

skateboard tools

skateboard (on back of backpack)


few DV tapes


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In my poor school backback, I carry

- School books (durr)

- Über-binder, complete with Apple stickers and Hak.5 sayings =)

- Couple 1GB USB drives (Ubuntu installer on one, MAC OS 7 on another, Portable Apps Suite on a third, and a few extra for projects and general hacking.)

- Pens and Pencils

- LG Musik (yes, my phone sucks, I'm saving up for an iPod Touch though, SMS ftw)

- Product(Red) iPod Nano 4G 8GB Engraved (anyone know of a good Linux distro for it that it compatible with iTunes, or that iTunes can at least restore to factory settings.)

- Extra headphones

- 1GB Sansa mp3 player in case the iPod dies on me.

- Duct Tape wallet

In my camo Air Force backpack however...

- 1TB external hard drive (might put Ubuntu on it)

- 5 1GB USB drives, loaded up with Linux and Portable App goodness, and WAIK

- Water bladder, complete with telescopic straw (Military engineering for you =P)

- When I get it, white Mac Book 120GB with charger and maybe extra battery

- Notebook and writing utensils

- Air Force multitool (At school right now, so I can't upload a pic)

- CDs with WAIK when someone I know gets BSOD/screws up their Dell

I might make a few patches based on Hak.5 schwag to sew on both =)

Either way, I'm ordering some schwag here soon hopefully.

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I carry....

Messenger Bag

-Thinkpad R60

-Laptop brick

-10 Cat5 cable


-16GB, 2GB, 512MB, 256MB USB Sticks

-Logitech MX Revolution Mouse

-Pens and Pencils



-Magazine or two

-30GB Ipod



-Cell Phone


-Ipod Touch 8GB

Normal stuff for a college student.

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Pockets Packs of Ciggs and lighter, Wallet, HTC Touch Pro with Custom Rom, Skullcandy Earbuds

where do you get your roms? i like xda-developers.com forums and duttythroy.net for my diamond and htc touch hd roms.

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HP dv7 core 2 quad, 8gb RAM, 4250 hd radeon 512mb (windows 7 and BT4 r2)+ extra battery

17pc lockpicking set

keychain set of lock picks (always on me)

4in kershaw spring assisted knife (always on me)

4 8gb flash drives

1 32gb flash drive (katana + usb hacksaw)(always on me)

512gb 7200rmp clone of my laptop

2 pinapples

cross over capble

usb adapter for pineapple

microcontroller with breadboad

battery soldering iron

5mw green laser pointer

2 alfa's (the standard one, and the one with wireless N)

rooted droid x with micro usb cable for tethering (always on me)

skull candy headphones

rechargable batteries

4 sma antennas 2 5in 2 15in

ton of linux live cd's including MRI 5.5 (worked at bestbuy for a year)

duel sata hard drive dock

esata cable

HACKING FOR DUMMIES!!! lol not anymore but i read it about 3 years ago when i got into hacking

latest copy of 2600

social engineering the art of human hacking

TI 84 calculator

bunch of pens

lithium battery pack for pineapple has 2 usb ports

mini maglight

ultraviolet flashlight i made out of like 20 UV leds, its cool so ya

glasses cleaning cloth

Edit: OH and my zippo

thats about it, somtimes not the sata dock or soldering iron

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Wow this thread is old anyway:

Mac Book Pro 13"

Alfa 500mW b/g card

Alfa 2Watt b/g/n card

Random wifi detector/wifi card with lcd

RT73 based card

Atheros based b/g/n card

9dBi dictional patch

bunch of little omnidirectional antenna

WiVi scanner

Memory stick

Icom Transceiver

Yaesu transceiver

Bunch of USB cables

Random USB hub that takes AAA batteries

Modded Class one Bluetooth Adaptor (firmware and antenna mods)

Iomega eGo hdd

Wired Xbox 360 controller (only for mame shit)

SkyStar USB HD


LED torch

Leatherman Wave

Small Tool kit

First add kit

Swedish Steel


Small knife

100ft of 550 Paracord

Water bootle + water

Water purification tablets

Stainless steel pot (small Zebra one)

Waterproof tin with a bunch of random shit in (fishing kit, fire kit, knife, shit like that)

Brass wire

Coffee/Hot chocolate packets


Large 2m/70cm whip antenna on a mag mount

Olympus Trip 35 (running Ilford HP5+ 400 asa B&W 35mm film)

Panasonic LX3

Two books

Large Poncho

Mountain house meals

USB serial adaptor

Random cables

Duct tape


Mobile phone (my Blackberry and the works iPhone)

Tin of lose change (for the parking meters)




I some times have a clansman prc-320 on me . That crap is basically my EDC, I don't hack, I just have that stuff as it fits in the bag and I'm too lazy to remove the tech crap I don't need. Ham Radio and Photography are my only real interests nowadays, I have a dslr but that thing is massive and I don't want to fuck it up.

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Pen paper notepad 32GB thumb drive with lots of cool apps screwdriver bump key set netbook alfa wifi adapter w/ 10dbi antenna this little thing I press a button and it sees if there is a wifi signal and its strength water bottle filled with vodka fake mustache Numchucks

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when on the street i carry my

-Netbook Acer One

-Pineapple (only motherboard tho modded the case back in the day its big)

-UsbG Wireless card for cracking and all

-My ipod and phone

-Lastly and best My Slr Camera

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1 x Laptop (currently broken) + car charger (waiting for a new netbook)

1 x USB multi pass

1 x CD case with misc cds / boot tools

1 x Sony cybershot + 8gb memory stick

1 x Android x10 (with lots of tools :D)

1 x Maglite

1 x Magnesium Firestick

1 x Leaterman multitool

1 x Torsion wrench

1 x Set of lock picks (and a plastic biro pen)

1 x Set of shims

2 x Motorola T5412 walkie talkies

2 x set of screw drivers (1xstandard 1xipad/phone tools)

bottle opener & whistle on my keyring

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In my backpack I have this for the most:

1x Asus Eee 1005PX (with damaged south-bridge, so network is gone:( ).

2x USBkeys with ubuntu and backtrack 5.

1x box of plastic who holds the following.

1x la Fonera with OpenWRT and Jasager

1x USB-hub (the smallest and cheapest I could find).

1x Alfa AWUS036H with 5dBi antenna.

1x Ethernet to USB-dongle.

1x Battery-pack for the fonera.

Rest of the bag.

1x Charger för laptop.

1x Canon EOS 5D (mk I) and 50 mm lens.

Allergic medicine including Epipen.

1x Backup-phone with I also use as 3G modem.

1x Vicotrinox multitool.

2x Memorycards.

4x Plastic stripes.

1x Handcuffs.

1x Bottle of water.

3x Condoms

1x Notebook (old school pen and paper)

1x Permanent marker.

1x iPod Nano 8gb

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In my hakpack is (depending on where i'm going):

asus eeepc with backtrack4 R2

asus laptop wiht win7

Alfa USB-wlan adapter + 2m piggytail+ big antenna+small antenna :D



ethernet cable

and in my pockets i have:

16GB usbstick with live linux

1TB samsung S2 external HDD with/for backups

archos 3 vision 8gb mp3 player with lots of music(mostly metal)

senheiser earbuds(currently broken)

gp2x caanoo game console(also broken)


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So, in my hakpack (nice idea, btw :)) I carry the following items (not limited to those, though)

- Compaq C610 Laptop w/ Debian GNU/Linux

- multiple USB thumb drives with multiple live systems on it

- enough networking equipment to start a out-of- the-pack network with at least 5 machines on the net.

- Leatherman Multitool

- Zippo Lighter

- Gasoline for the lighter

- Cigarillos

- huge knife & teaser, just in case.....

- cable clips

- some wires

- Screen cleaner

- etc.

At the airport I get thoroughly searched every single time, even though I always take out the tools and the weapons before I try to get behind customs. I think the just hate my face. Don't know....

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Guest Deleted_Account

My backpack has the following:

1) Emachine Netbook running BackTrack 5 and Fedora Security Spin

2)HP Laptop with Core i3 quad core processor and 4GB of ram running Fedora 15 for serious power. (WPA Cracking)

3) D-Link router flashed to DD-WRT. Setup as a wireless Mesh.

4) 160GB HDD with tons of tools on it and Black Ubuntu/Backtrack 5/Off Crack installed. (each distro is using Luks LVM Encryption; tools are in an open fat32 partition).

5)iPad 2 Jailbroken running Metasploit connected to above router or to an Ad-hoc network.

6) iPod Touch 32GB with Metasploit, aircrack, john-the-ripper, SET. Controlled via SSH and VNC. (Using either my ipad of HTC Desire Z)

7)Alpha WiFi card

8)PSP Go hacked. Flash memory also has a bunch of windows tools on it.


1) 2x IronKey flash drives (2GB and 1GB)

2) 16 GB Multi Boot with Katana + Extra distros (Pretty much every security/hacking distro I can find). and some tools (Everything katana gives you + Helix 2008 CE Incident Response tools.

3) 8GB flash drive with Security tools for Mac,windows, linux (AV's mostly and password cracking tools) + Live Ubuntu disk and KonBoot.

4)HTC Desire Z - unrooted. use to control laptop (emachine) and ipodtouch so I don't have to take them out of my bag).

On me:

4GB USB Watch - more apps + pod-slurping (I have a USB extender cable I store up my sleeve - plug in to a random computer at Costco and boom all your programs etc. are mine :)

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