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  1. wire

    Linux TV tuner?

    OK, I'm planning to buy a Hauppauge 1600 PCI card. I'll let you know how it works out. I think I might check out free Windows DVR software like GB-PVR or MediaPortal. EDIT: It's working out well, in Windows anyway. The digital tuner in the 1600 doesn't have Linux drivers. (The analog tuner can use the 150 drivers.) But it's nice to have two tuners in one card: both can be used at the same time.
  2. wire

    Linux TV tuner?

    I've checked out the site and the software looks like it'll do the job. But I'm still not sure which hardware to buy. A lot of the reports about various tuners are out of date and filled with reports of broken features. So if there's anybody out there with a working system, can I get a look at your hardware specs? Of course, a pre-built box with a reasonable form factor and price tag would be great, but I'm beginning to realize that's probably not available.
  3. wire

    Linux TV tuner?

    Can I watch/record digital TV (ATSC) in linux? What's my best option, a PCI card? How about a linux-based set-top box? That would be just what I'm looking for.
  4. Well if you are a student like VaKo was, you could probably use Final Cut or Premier in an on-campus lab. Or at the very least, qualify for an educational discount. How about Sony Vegas -- isn't that what Darren/Paul use to put Hak5 together? Whatever you do, check out a book or some videos on using the software. For years, I was wasting time dragging around clips on the timeline when I could have been using much more powerful methods of placing the right amount of video into the right spot. Now that I've bothered to learn, my video editing projects are going much faster.
  5. wire

    VPN Use

    After seeing how easy it is to get useful information out of wifi packet sniffing each week on Hak5, I'm now using a VPN whenever I'm using public wifi. I run one at home, sure, but with ADSL the connection is little better than dialup. My other option would be to use a VPN that my university provides. I already use it a lot to access servers on campus that are not available from off-campus IP addresses, but it also provides a connection to the internet. So here's the question: is it ethical to route *all* my traffic through a corporate or educational VPN? Is that preferred by institutions with the hope of preventing sniffing of their secrets sent over the internet? Or is it a bad idea that will slow down everyone else's access? I can't see the college encouraging every student in a coffee shop to give this a try, somehow. But what do you think?
  6. wire


    Got any ideas? I'd like to give 'em a try.
  7. I think this article is just what you're looking for ... Controlling the Serial Port with PHP By: Rob Williams http://www.communitymx.com/content/article.cfm?cid=8658A
  8. I'm sure any Linux magazine (or the slick new BSD mag) would be proud to have that illustration on their cover.
  9. wire

    May Desktops

    Also Windows 7, and finally a use for widescreen: taskbar down the right :) The theme is "College of Fine Arts" (from Microsoft) EDIT: A 2 meg screenshot? I should be shot. Fixed.
  10. Here's a link to the old 3CX 6: http://downloads.zdnet.com/abstract.aspx?k...mp;docid=833791 And here's the episode where Matt explains it: http://www.hak5.org/productionnotes/episode-503 EDIT: And please try not to double post. :)
  11. You won't need to save the recovery drive on the SSD. A far better option would be to use the included HP software to burn a recovery DVD that has the same stuff on it. But a larger hard drive is a good idea. Theoretically, the more bits that are packed onto a drive, the closer they are and the faster the seek and read times should be. Plus you'll have more space. :)
  12. wire

    RTS anyone??

    It came out in 2004. Wikipedia: "However, unlike the previous game's purely real-time tactics implementation, Ground Control II does have a resource system called Acquisition which is earned through the capturing of Victory Locations and destruction of enemy forces." So I think that kind of ruins it for me. But I was looking at another game from the same guys, World in Conflict. I'm going to check that out. :)
  13. wire

    RTS anyone??

    I really liked Ground Control. No economy to worry about, just battle strategy. It's actually been released for free, if you want to relive the cutting edge graphics of 10 years ago. Can anyone recommend a similar game?
  14. I like English. It's often useful in social engineering. ;)
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