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What you carry in your hakpack


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Haha what does everyone carry in their hakpack(backpack)

-Post a text or picture response.

Me I carry my

-Shitty Toshiba Laptop

-Magazine/newspaper(either Flex, Wired, or any newspaper.

-Camera of some sort(cellphone, or a digital camera)

-Notebook(for idea, figuring out shit, etc)

-Power cords/Usb cords(zune, laptop adapter, cellphone, camera)

-USB flash drive


This is my backpack which I rarely ever use because it would be stupid to carry it around.

And in my pockets I usually carry

-cell phone


-usb flash drive



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This is a cute thread..., "hakpack" makes me smile.

MacBook + Charger

iPhone 3G

iPhone Charger + Cable (3G empties my battery faster than Kirstie Alley empties an Old Country Buffet)


An iPhone Development book

Flash Drive

A vi cheat sheet


I have a feeling that you're going to get something similar to this from everyone.

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You could conside this one "Whats in your bag 2009"

Well, heres whats in my bag (pics will come later)

  1. Macbook Pro (older style)
  2. iPhone USB Cable
  3. Bluetooth Mighty Mouse
  4. Fujifilm Finepix
  5. Fujifilm USB Cable
  6. Wallet + Not alot of money ( :( )
  7. Pens, pencils etc
  8. Various USB Pen Drives
  9. Screwdrivers, random screws, wires etc
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1. Macbook + Power Adapter + VGA Adapter

2. Digicam + USB cable

3. Notepad

4. USB Stick

Maybe an interesting question is what's packing in that USB stick? I have a 'toolbox' folder where I toss useful scriptlets and config files (.vimrc). I don't have much, I'm just a lowly student, but I guess some of you sysadmins might have some handy toolkits for any situation :)

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Depends what I'm up to. Assuming I'm heading out for an evening of digital mischief:

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Since Im going to college Ill post my school pack first.

Backpack (messenger bag)

-Cq50-215nr laptop (dont believe the bad reviews this is an awesome laptop for the money, the reviewers on cnet would know that too if they would have had half the brain to take off all the shovel-ware that comes with it)

-Laptop Charger

-2 binders, 1 for cisco ccna 1,2,3 and 4 and one for windows server 2003.

-MCSE guide to Managing a microsoft windows server 2003 environment, enhanced *by dan dinicolo

-a copy of ubuntu 8.10, and bartpe on 2 cds

-my laptop kit* rosewill-usb mini mouse, mem card reader, usb light, stereo headset/mic, and 3 port usb hub.

Pockets (on any given day)

in order as I make sure I have everything:




-keys *w/usb thumbdrive that at any given time has a sprinkling of some good random shiz on it.


My Tech-Lunchbox

This came with a 550watt power-supply I bought a few years back and is kinda like a mini tackle box.

Too much to list but here's some:

-usb cables

-misc. motherboard, case, drive screws

-old agp card

-super old pci video card

-sound card

-nic (3 actually)

-misc. install and utility cds

-all sorts of adapters (ie. usb to ps2, etc)

-misc old memory modules

-an all in one tool

-mini screw drivers

-and more...

will post pix of my stuff l8r, gotta get ready 4 work

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-eee PC (701)

-USB Drives (BackTrack, OphCrack, SwitchBlade, Damn Small Linux)

-Lock Picks

-Cell Phone

-iPod Touch (32Gb)

-CAT Cables


-Screw Driver Set (w/Anti-Tamper)

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I have in my backpack.

-Lenovo T61p

-Ipod 80Gb

-Maxtor OneTouch4 160Gb HDD

-Apple Airport Express

-USB Swichblade

-Logitech USB Wireless Mouse

-Logitech USB HUB

-Logitech USB Speakers

-CDs -- BackTrack, Windows, Acronis, Bartpe and so on

-USB Drives


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Well i wouldn't call it a back pack its more one of them boarder line metro sexual looking man bags but hey that's the way Playstation made em. I only got it for the PS logo...... I promise =P

- Asus EEE 701 and charger.

- USB (backtrack, Switch blade and Orphcrack.

- Ipod + charger

- 500gb external Hard drive.

- Cat cable.

- Assortment of linux live CD's.

- Cell.

- Ciggas.

- Redbull.

- Note pad and pen.

- Mini Tool kit.

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Most of the time for me its just my laptop, a usb extension cable, and a little watch on my wrist with concealed usb 4gb. The usb has pe,backtrack, helix, memtest, dban, and various other tools plus stuff to fix peoples computers on my white hat side.

When I expect to be working with computers on a paticular outing, I carry a bag that has:

- disc to boot older computers to usb bootable devices

- paperclip (good for resetting equipment such as routers)

- pen and pad for notetaking

- 320gb passport for backups and data copying

Might add a pineapple fon to my collection when I get the time to tweak one, assuming they still sell versions that can be modded.

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My hackpack consists of:

HP nx7400


Sony PSP

PSP Camera

IR keyboard(for psp)

FON router with dual antenna, SD card, and battery pack

48" pigtail for cantenna

power cables

20ft cat5 cable

usb wireless card with rp-sma pigtail

handful of wifi antennas

a bunch of thumb drives

2 bluetooth headsets

nokia n-gage(f**k what you heard, it's a good phone)

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It usually changes depending where I'm going, but the staples are:


Canon Rebel XT

iPod touch


leather work gloves

small bolt cutters

spray paint


Spray paint for what... ?

And a rope... interesting.

Yeah. Little paper clip made it into my toolkit when a friend of mine had a super annoying modem I couln't reset (didn't know the password) so on return visit I brought one of my own and kept it in there since. Bent it up so it even has a nice little handle :)

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nokia n-gage





That phone is like a dozen years old!, and games are played in portrait!

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hp mini note 2133

ubiquiti srx 300 express wireless card

hawking usb wireless RT73 card wiff sma connection

g-sat bluetooth gps receiver

HTC Touch HD cell phone

Hawking 10dbi omni antenna

Springfield XD .40 subcompact with 1 extra 9 round clip.

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school books

laptop (hp pavilion dv6000)

laptop charger

about 6 usb flashdrives (all sizes)

ipod usb cable

cell phone

ipod video 30gb

ipod tough 8gb

sony psp (fat)

psp charger

cell phone charger



3 pairs of headphones

deoderant (LOL)

random tools

pens and pencils

i think that is about it

and i have all of this with me where ever i go :D

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Spray paint for what... ?

And a rope... interesting.

I do a bit of Urban Exploration. So, having rope and other tools is helpful in certain situations. The spray paint is for the stencils, in case I need to create "promotional materials" while I'm out.

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