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  1. Haven't learned anything about loops yet, I'll do some research into it and see what i can do. Thanks
  2. I'm still trying to figure out how to be able to compare as many characters as i want, just a little stuck, would using an array help me get started? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the help guys, I am a really novice programmer, dont even know how to loop yet I'm not to sure what the else does, I've never seen it before, I'll google it right after, here's what I'm understanding the code to be: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main() { char let1; char let2; char let3; printf("Input three letters:"); scanf("%c, %c, %c",&let1, &let2, &let3); if(let1<=let2 && let1<=let3) /* let1 is less than or equal to let2 and let3 print let1 */ { printf("%c is the
  4. Hey guys, I'm working on a challenge that our professor gave us today, its not worth marks or anything but just something to do on our spare time. We only know the very basics of "c" as its early in the term. we know things like scanf, printf, if, char, int, etc... Here's the challenge: write a program which will ask the user to input three letters. Determine which letter comes first in the alphabet and display it on the screen. (hint: A equals 97 in the ASCII table). I'm basically having trouble getting started.... here is the code i have: /* Filename: atoz.c Written By: Silentk
  5. Hey guys, been a long time since i've posted, so i decided i'd post here to re-introduce myself Favourite game: skryim Favourite OS: Win7 Favourite console: xbox 360 Nationality: Canadian Accent: Canadian.. if thats an accent Sex: Male Age:19 Race: cocasian Height: 6'2 Build: scrawny but tall Favourite band: Lamb of God Favourite book: The God Delusion Favourite movie: Sherlock Holmes Favourite actor: Robert Downey Jr. Favourite actress: Maggie Smith Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba Favourite Comedian: George Carlin Other hobbies: Guitar, drinking Car: 96 Civic Dx Occupation:
  6. Hey guys, Its been a while since I've been on the forums and when i went to edit my profile (to update current info, change display pic etc.) it sent me to this page. Not too sure if its cause I've been inactive for so long but thought i would let ya know. Thanks
  7. malwarebytes anti malware.. google mbam-setup.exe for the download... amazing program
  8. That is entirely possible, i don't remember how me and my dad did it, we followed instructions from www.msiwind.net and another good site to help with hakintosh stuff is www.insanlymac.com
  9. They refer to us as the geek community, haha
  10. I use an msi wind u90x, it runs mac osx without a problem...
  11. I don't know why somebody would even wanna do this to Hak.5, they spend their time to give us knowledge and keep us entertained. I hope somebody catches this person. Thanks for getting everything up and running so quickly, and thanks for not keeping us in the dark. ~silent
  12. haha that was deadly! i liked it
  13. i work at the local mobile computer store, we charge $50/h minimum half hour charge, we don't charge for milage, free pickup and delivery, we either repair it at their house (if possible) but if not we take it back to the shop. Works pretty good..
  14. that is sick dude, u got some major skills
  15. i do pirate movies.. only because i know they make so much money from the box offices.. and besides... the actors already get paid for their work (i assume) aswell as the producers, its the company's that loose the money... but for music.. i try my best not to pirate it.. because the music industry is terrible.. and some of the bands i listen to don't have labels they make and sell thier cd's by themselves... so it is just wrong to pirate things like that... thats my take//
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