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  1. Something for the motorcycle enthusiasts :) Wish it would have made it into mass production
  2. Wow drag and drop... I feel like a major noob :P Thanks :D
  3. I could do this in windows in my sleep I've done it so much, but this is something I really don't want to screw up. I've already got the standard TimeMachine backup completed and made a disk image using Disk Utility. What I want to know is, how would I reload all the passwords in my keychain so i don't have to go through all those websites and recover the passwords that I've forgotten(yes I know I shouldn't let my computer save all my passwords but I'm the only one that ever has access to it, I make sure of that) Some quick advice from the Mac users out there would be helpful. Thanks in advance!! :D
  4. is there a legitimate reason to crack it in the first place? if there is its a lot easier to....coerce it out of someone :D
  5. Not every hurdle is an easy one. Especially the ones that look like mountains when we reach them. One thing is for sure: I am glad that hak5 is still around. May the show continue to find its way around any obstacles that may arise. Thank you moonlit for your words of wisdom as an admin. I believe that I am not alone when I say I hope to see them in the future.
  6. i never said i was proud of it or a fan of obama, but its just interesting to see the buzz that is going on right now on campus, plus getting to work with some of the white house staff is pretty cool. actually thats more interesting to me than actually seeing the president. digip is right, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and i would encourage everyone to go and see their country's leader if they have the chance.
  7. my tickets to see obama ill post pics of the speach tomorrow, got to help hand out tickets today. went through about 1300 in an hour, got to meet some cool white house reps
  8. extremely tempting ....wish i knew for sure if it would only wipe a the virtual hard disk instead of the whole thing....cause i would hand it out to everyone in my linux class then :P
  9. everyone i know is making references to a certain feminine product :P not very revolutionary like most are saying but i think the apps will make or break the future of it. like to see what people create to run on it.
  10. http://sleeptalkinman.blogspot.com/ A funny blog about a guy who talks in his sleep. His wife writes down what he says and puts it here for our amusement. warning: don't read them while in class....busting out laughing is a dead giveaway :/ Just wanted to share ;D
  11. I live by the statement: I am who I want to be, and if someone doesn't like it, it's their problem. I don't take too much offense to bullying anyway, it's usually just someone trying to make up for their own feeling of inadequacy. Good Luck!!
  12. the microfiber cloth that came with mac is pretty usefull....if thats not handy t-shirt's or something similar rarely ever use liquids...if i do, distilled water that i put on cloth first to prevent dripping
  13. i'd like to know what everyones favorite live discs are other than the usual bactrack, ophcrack and the such one of my favorites is one i got from a friend a long time ago: ERD Commander its xp only and has some of the usual disk utilities.
  14. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16812232002 this is the one i just bought... ill find out how well it works this weekend and post my thoughts and i think im gonna start charging flat rates for certain things like updates & virus removal then charge hourly for hardware troubleshooting with a min of one hour at $40 then $20 for every hour after that it's great to get soo much feedback, i haven't had much luck elsewhere :)
  15. I gotta say that looks has never affected they way i charge for work (mostly cause i haven't had any good looking chicks with computer problems) but if they sit there and want to know what they did to screw something up i usually knock a few bucks off. Also I've found that those are the people who will give you a tip if you tell them your giving them a discount. Which means they usually pay the same price anyway. I'm not trying to scam them out of money but people seem less angry with you if they choose to pay that extra bit.
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