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  1. I run a machine with xenserver and one with proxmox
  2. psydT0ne

    Mr robot game

    Hacknet...a lot of fun dude
  3. These forums are attracting more and more of this bullshit. Admins should be shit canning these members accounts. IMHO.
  4. Key word "complimentary". adj. Given free to repay a favor or as an act of courtesy.
  5. Use the below link instead of the community forums. https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/requests/new
  6. Hey, Try using the actual support functions that are purpose built to service your query instead of using the community forum to complain. https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/requests/new Peace
  7. Sadly agree. There doesn't seem to be any real discussions outside of product related support questions.
  8. Seems as though regular Hak5 shows are going by the wayside a bit? Is this the way things are now with the business side of things growing?
  9. I managed to catch up with theses two fine lads this week at AusCERT, Gold Coast Australia. Although I couldn't get into the booked out session, they took the time for a photo and a quick chat with me during morning smoko. You couldn't meet a couple of nicer blokes and they really made my week! *note: We even manged to catch a nice JJ Abrams lens flare!
  10. I've never called myself a hacker. I don't reckon i know enough.
  11. Remove CMOS battery? https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=hp+elitebook+bios+password+remove+
  12. Hey, For those on a tight budget and can't afford a squirrel. https://medium.com/@tomac/a-15-openwrt-based-diy-pen-test-dropbox-26a98a5fa5e5 Yes I've ordered one from gearbest $18 and change AUD. Yes I already own a packet squirrel and a bunny to do my part to help support the guys. Leave your thoughts. Cheers.
  13. I understand where you're coming from dude, money is always tight. Hak5 has evolved over the years from the early days of simple keyboard repainting mods and installing a 12v cigarette socket into your pc to Bash Bunny, Wifi Pineapple and the like. As part of this evolution it's natural for them to do shows on all the cool stuff they're working on, now that they have direct involvement in the development side of things. But hey, I'd also love to see some low budget hacks and hardware as a segment one day, that'd be pretty cool. Until then I tend to follow Seytonic on his youtube channel, he does a lot of cheap hardware hacks and such. So I've just added that to my "stuff to watch" list. :)
  14. Put it into your computers dvd drive and autorun it. I'm sure you'd be giving a young street artist a break..... ;/
  15. Cool Beans. I'll look at this next pay when i have some OT coming in :)
  16. It is customized built hardware? or Can we build our own .....eventually?
  17. Hey, just wondering if there anyone out there who's working on any fun projects and hacks. I visit the forums every now and again and frankly it seems like its turned into a support forum for hak5 products and toys. Share what you're working on!
  18. I see the Rubber Ducky made it into the latest episode :) Awesome, well done.
  19. I did my own Pineapple Mark IV by buying my own Hornet from ebay and downloading the firmware required. I'm very grateful for the guides to reflashing and all the work put into it. If you'd just bought the pineapple a month ago and its fracked...well then I'd understand...but come on dude...put some effort in and reflash it yourself and educate yourself in the process. You will not enjoy bringing your pineapple back to life but you get bragging rights that you did so yourself. :)
  20. we currently run pfsense for most of our remote sites on small alix boxes. personally at home im running sophos UTM, (used to be astaro) which imho is just brilliant. i'm pushing to replace our main firewall at work with a sophos utm appliance and then utilising sophos RED for our remote sites. Well worth looking at.
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