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  1. I don't. Any advice mate? Not capturing SSIDs, not de-authing, not allowing associations. Filters are on Deny Mode. Everything enabled in PineAP. Was working fine before the upgrade. I I'm certainly not the only one:
  2. Same problem here, but changing filters to deny hasn't solved it. Tried resetting to factory settings, no luck.
  3. Brilliant, thanks. (Someone might want to update the Blog) [Update] PineAP Daemon no longer seems to be functioning, even when switched on. I can no longer capture SSIDs to the pool automatically (manually works), and beacon response / broadcast SSID are doing nothing when turned on. In fact, I can't connect to the WiFi even with an open SSID or via a Management AP. This update has been less than successful for me. Was working fine on 1.1.3
  4. Hi guys, I might be being an absolute newb here, but I cannot get my Nano to beacon APs and attract clients. Had no problem with the old Fonera Pineapple + Karma, back in the day. I've connected the Nano with wp6, it has Internet access (the news bulletin loads). I can do a scan with Recan, add the SSIDs to the pool. In PineAP I switched the daemon to enable and checked the boxes (allow associations, beacon response, capture ssids and broadcast ssid pool etc.). No clients connect. I've tried testing with my mobile phones. I can de-auth them, but they always re-connect to their original WiFi and not the Pineapple. I've tried enabling the other radio and setting an SSID, clients can see and connect to that. This is how I've tested Modules. Any ideas why I can't broadcast ssids and hijack connections? I've followed the YouTube vids (setup and primer). Also tried resetting the Nano to default.
  5. Having a similar problem here. Can deauth clients but not attract them to connect to PineAP.
  6. Forgot to introduce myself. My name is Calvin. Lord C to you :P Favourite game: Neocron Favourite OS: Ubuntu GNU/Linux Favourite console: Xbox360 Nationality: British Jamaican Accent: London Sex: Male Age: 22 Race: Mixed Height: 6 feet 5" Status: Single Build: Average Favourite band: Jah Cure Favourite book: Snow Crash Favourite author: Dan Brown Favourite movie: The Matrix Favourite director: No idea... Favourite TV Show: Diggnation Favourite actor: Will Smith Favourite actress: Dakota Fanning Favourite Pinup: Tisha Campbell Favourite Comedian: Pablo Francisco Other hobbies: Programming, Designing, Consulting, Developing, Haxing. Car: Transport for London Occupation: Systems Administrator / Student
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