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  1. biob

    Phone scammers recorded

    I’ve just received one of the emails that appear to come from my own account, claiming they’ve hacked my device and installed a RAT. Apparently they have videos of me masterbating and will release them unless I pay $800 in bitcoins ? Do quadcopters count as porn ? Hopefully no one will fall for that crap
  2. Starting to think I’m being shunned ? Ask question but never a response ?
  3. Does anyone know what method the Mavic Pro/Air controller uses to communicate to the attached phone? Obviously I know it’s USB but are they using it as a network adapter, usb camera etc...
  4. biob

    DJI flight logs

    Anyone been able to decode DJI Mavic air flight logs, exported using Assistant 2? Files compressed with zlib. Decompression shows some plain text, but a lot of random symbols etc
  5. If your not happy with it then just don’t buy the items. Arguing about it isn’t going to get you anywhere!
  6. You need to declare the interface
  7. perhaps use this as a starting point?
  8. Hak5 have done a video on how to do that.
  9. Thanks for the response. Have gone the EdgeRouter direction. Will give me nice little project. Haven’t configured network gear via CLI for the best part of a decade.
  10. biob

    traceroute to DoD

    DoD= department of Defense (USA)
  11. biob

    MAC Filtering

    I actually got something right, it’s my lucky day
  12. Hi, ive been looking at the unifi security gateway. Looks a good bit of kit and seems to offer quite a bit for your money. I especially like the ability to segment my network, something which my current router doesn’t offer with its out the box firmware. have any of you had experience with this hardware? What are your views on this?
  13. biob

    MAC Filtering

    I’m a total noob, but have you tried setting the rule up for a specific NIC on the PS?
  14. biob

    USB rubber ducky simulator

    Not sure what your on about. i just wanted to write a simulator, so that I can test my scripts without having to keep encoding them to the rubber ducky.
  15. Was wondering if it is possible to inject packets while the PS is in monitor mode? Or would this be pointless? if possible you could carry out an arp/nmap scan and it could be made to appear it’s coming from the host pc. Obviously I know one of the net modes allows the PS to present one IP on one interface and another IP on the other.