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  1. Error Red, Green, Blue tcpdump

    Might be worth noting some memory sticks don’t play nice with the PS. Do you have any others that you can try?
  2. Packet Squirrel praise.

    Totally agree... but I suspect Hak5’s intention was more for pen test. Must admit I’ve mainly used it for fault finding. Haven’t delved into the other stuff yet :-)
  3. Packet Squirrel praise.

    But the orange pi is Mass produced, only has one NIC(excluding WiFi). Would still be larger than the PS, would require modification to add your own payload selector, doesn’t come with an enclosure, doesn’t always deal with incorrect power down to well and you would have to configure all the packages yourself! The PS is a complete package with support and will most likely have a load of tutorials in the near future!
  4. Packet Squirrel praise.

    My assumption of the design brief would be... a device that most non technical people wouldn’t notice it or even question it. Low power for long term pentest at a price point that would almost make it a throw away item for a pen tester. After all if people want something for purely debugging then a laptop with two NIC’s would be more suitable. this is a great little covert device.
  5. Packet Squirrel praise.

    And the whole point of the PS is for it to be covert, so increase in size and power requirements would render it pointless for its intended use.
  6. Packet Squirrel praise.

    Suggestions are always great... but I have seen posts that start with why doesn’t it have this etc...As an engineer I appreciate what goes into designing a solution, but this is lost on a lot of people.
  7. Error Red, Green, Blue tcpdump

  8. Error Red, Green, Blue tcpdump

    Have you at least looked on the Hak5 PS start page?
  9. Error Red, Green, Blue tcpdump

    Did you use the command on the PS to format to ext4?
  10. Error Red, Green, Blue tcpdump

    It won’t work with SSH in mode 1. It acts as a passive bridge, therefore no IP address! Also have you got the ports the correct way around? doesnt support Fat32.
  11. I would like to thank the Hak5 team for developing such a great little product that is the Packet Squirrel. I see posts with people complaining that it doesn’t do gigabit, POE etc.. An people are missing the point, you get get a lot for your $60. The packet capture facility alone is worth the price tag. I would imagine that, to add gigabit and POE would probably triple the price, double the size and triple the power requirements. I for one, am very impressed with the devices that Hak5 have developed. I recently managed to buy a pineapple nano(second hand) , USB ducky and a Packet squirrel. My only regret is that I can’t afford the other devices at the moment. So come on gals and guys, let Hak5 team know the positives instead of the, why doesn’t it do this!
  12. date and time

    Plus, Having a RTC would of pushed the size and cost of the PS up. Packet time stamps can be updated Post capture using wireshark.
  13. date and time

    Also, if you note the time you start the capture, you can use wireshark to shift the date and time. Then save new file.
  14. Modules

    If your using Windows, use winscp. Gives you a graphical interface.
  15. date and time

    Maybe something like this as a starting point? https://www.rsreese.com/increment-ip-packet-timestamp/