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  1. Hi I’m about to give my daughter a PC. I’ve installed Windows 10 pro. Have created a standard user (my daughter) and an admin account(me). i won’t to be able to use something like RDP to occasionally monitor her screen. Is this possible with RDP? Also, any other recommendations for keeping my daughter safe online would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi Was working on my router and the Deep Packet inspection detected a TOR connection from my Laptop. Interestingly , I’ve never installed TOR 🤔 Is there a way for me to detect if TOR is installed and what may be using it? I’m using Windows 10(I know, WTF !).
  3. Not even sure what your asking 😂
  4. Maybe one of the functions in wireshark could help with viewing the video feed or somehow redirect to VLC?
  5. As of late I’ve been playing with packet capture on my home network. I’ve been using wireshark to learn about different protocols etc(I’m a slow learner 😁). is there a application that I can run the packet captures through that has similar functionality as an IDS... post capture?
  6. Also in the wrong section and probably why no one had replied before 😔
  7. Nope that’s how it works.it’s using two separate interfaces👍🏻
  8. Sorted now. Turns out you have to WAN filter to drop invalid packets. Issue was due to TCP FIN-Ack packets not being processed correctly when the connection had already ended. As the router has no knowledge of the connection it doesn’t NAT it. I’m surprised iptables doesn’t have a built in method to catch this by default 🤔
  9. biob

    Wireless Assessment

    Are you asking... how to locate an Access point by walking around and taking measurements?
  10. Hi ive been playing with an edgerouter X, the perceived functionality looks really good....But it can’t even handle NAT. It’s set to masquerading, yet my internal IP’s are seen on the WAN interface😳 At first I thought I may of configured it wrong, so I’ve done a factory reset, left the defaults and again I can see the LAN IP’s on the WAN! Do any of you guys/gals know what could be causing this? Any advice greatly welcome as always👍🏻
  11. From the GUI in recon mode. The first attempt after a fresh install works great. The usual pineAP needs to be started select ok, is scans returns results👍🏻 But then move away from recon, just looking through tabs. Then try recon again it asks to start PineAP, select yes/ok and it doesn’t start ever after that 😔
  12. PineAP seems to die and won’t comeback and that’s on a fresh install. Can’t even be started from the CLI. Yet other modules are working just fine, including stuff like airmon-ng. The forum has been a wash with similar reports as of late🤔 im sick of keep doing recovery mode/reinstall firmware. I’m trying to learn with the pineapple but keep having the PineAP problem like others in the forum.
  13. Yeah and theres a 99.9999% chance your setup/systems are more secure too 😁 I haven’t even scratched the surface of the security rabbit hole 😂
  14. biob

    MITM problem

    Accept using another device then use the MAC address from device used, on your pineapple?
  15. If you really are doing a masters in security, then you shouldn’t need any help. It’s suppose to be your own work.
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