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Found 5 results

  1. I am looking for a tool that can test against the Cisco Wireless LAN Controller standard IDS signatures of which there are 17 signatures such as Broadcast deauthentication frame signatures, Management frame flood signatures, etc. Can anyone recommend a suitable tool that can create the attacks that will trigger the IDS's various signatures in order to validate the IDS solution is working? If the tool cannot test all the signature listed below please identify the ones that it can test. Thank you! IDS Signature Summary 1. Bcast deauth 2. Null probe resp 1 3. Null probe resp 2 4. Assoc flood 5. Auth flood 6. Reassoc flood 7. Broadcast probe flood 8. Disassoc flood 9. Deauth flood 10. Reserved mgmt 7 11. Reserved mgmt F 12. EAPOL flood 13. Netstumbler 3.2.0 14. Netstumbler 3.2.3 15. Netstumbler 3.3.0 16. Netstumbler generic 17. Wellenreiter
  2. As of late I’ve been playing with packet capture on my home network. I’ve been using wireshark to learn about different protocols etc(I’m a slow learner 😁). is there a application that I can run the packet captures through that has similar functionality as an IDS... post capture?
  3. Anybody use Snort? I consulting on a business that has limited resources so i am looking to cut some cost, as most of the funds were spent upgraded their end user hardware and migrating necessary software to a cloud solution. They are currently using their firewall to do everything routing, DHCP, IDS, VPN and overall network management. A lot of those features require licences yearly, while i have already managed to repurpose some of their switches for internal routing and network management and used one of the left over servers for a DHCP server. I wanted to see if snort would be a viable solution for IDS so that they could have active live alerts not just someone checking the firewall. Thanks
  4. Hello all, I'm looking to see if it is possible to install suricata on the lan turtle. If so how? If not, is there any other IDS that can run on the lan turtle? Thanks in advanced -Kyle
  5. Hi all, I'm thinking about upgrading my home network with an inline IDS and or Firewall between my modem and router. My home network curently resembles this: If I build a box with a couple of Gigabit network cards and add it into the network at the place shown, and install something like pfsense onto it, can I get the box to just function in a bridge mode between the modem and router? Many thanks all!
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