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  1. Hi Has anyone had any experience with using, the Raspberry Pi zero W to stream SDR via WiFi to a SDR receiver app on a phone? what advice can you give? What was the performance like?
  2. Thank you.
  3. Hi Can anyone recommend a GUI based firewall monitoring tool for raspbian please?
  4. You do realise your request is very creepy? i suggest you get help!
  5. Toggled website fraud detection in safari and issue resolved. Not sure why it started to think it was based in China 🤔 Hats off to the creators of ntopng... learning so much more about the traffic on my home network. Runs great on a Raspberry pi 4.
  6. 🤔 Interesting I don’t use home automation. The AS is Tencent. Bit of reading I found that if based in China iOS uses tencent to check for fraudulent sites and google elsewhere. When I checked the ip early(e.g browsed to it), I got a warning saying suspected site.... certificate didn’t match. might try toggling check for fraudulent sites when I get home tonight, see if it changes. the iPad makes no attempt to resolve the ip either (nothing on purpose hole).
  7. Hi Im running NTOPNG on my home network. In the last day I’ve noticed flows from my iPad to China (IP: I have no apps open on the iPad. Any ideas what/why this is happening? byte size is 546 and is using TLS over TCP and numerous ports.
  8. Not possible. USB ducky uses HID protocol. No such thing for a memory device such as SD card.
  9. It’s called a security feature. Stops brute forcing. Maybe randomise you’re MAC address every attempt🤔
  10. Looking for a more active community? Hak5 is effectively dead 😔 Any recommendations?
  11. Hi How would I adjust the timestamps in a pcap, using NTP packets(also in same pcap)? I’ve used wireshark, but it doesn’t save the new time offset🤔
  12. It looks pretty good. nDPI sounds promising 👍 Hoping to get it installed and setup to run comparison with my existing network monitoring setup.
  13. Thank you all for the advice 👍
  14. Hi been looking at NTOPNG. Looks good. Anyone have any experience with it? Plan on installing it on a Raspberry pi 4 for testing. Any advice, gratefully received 👍
  15. Thank you for the reply. WAN port was receiving a RFC1918 address. Ive now removed the double NAT so that it can pick up an IP from my ISP. Done a few scans , seems ok.
  16. Hi I want to test the security of my home router. I’m currently double NAT’d(ISP router first) and want to test my router before exposing to the internet. Does anyone know of any processes/tools that I can use to make sure everything is ok? I've used nmap and nothing appears open that shouldn’t be. Any advice/guidance would be much appreciated. **This is my home network and I have full access to infrastructure and security**
  17. biob


    Needs to be ran as Administrator/super user.
  18. Stop being paranoid, it’s meant to be there!
  19. It tells you that as well, if you select the blue text.
  20. It’s not a certificate... it’s all the trusted, certificate authorities.
  21. Thanks for the reply. Looking at potential interference in the 860(ish)MHz band.
  22. Two different things... Jack is for networks, bunny attacks the actual PC. HID, network, file extraction etc
  23. Hi Can anyone recommend software to run Hackrf on Windows 10 please?
  24. I’ve found that the PS still leaks MAC address in transparent mode! Asked the question in this group and no one bothered to answer why🤔 PS isn’t as stealthy as Hak5 would like us to think... im losing faith in the Pineapple Nano, sick of having to reset the firmware.
  25. It won’t... put the box it shows up as a HID device an nothing else. I would advise that you watch hak5 intro videos.
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