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What do you Drive. ?

Mad Pierre

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'96 Honda Civic EX sedan w/ tinted windows, rims, and elegante headlights and taillights. Oh, and now it has an Obama sticker on the back ;)

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I drive a 2001 Ford Escape. The pic isn't mine, but its the same year and color as mine.

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Not mine for another 15 days when i turn 18 but a 96 or 97 turquoise ford escort SE. no pics but i like it

digip we just got the 2008 or 07 escape my mom LOVES it, great milage, like 32mpg

Hybrid? Yeah, I want one, but can't afford it at the moment. I still owe like 9 grand on my current truck, but next vehicle will be an Escape Hybrid 4wd. Current is 6cyl 4wd, they didn't make em hybrid back in 2001.

I always throught you were the guy on the right for some reason...So you are the short one in the picture? lol Stealthy ninja size..

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2005 Holden VZ Commodore SV6

Good man! Bathurst is today :D (atm ford is winning(the race) :().

I drive a Diahatsu Applause from time to time.


My primary vehicle is a '93 Triton 2WD. (136 000km on the clock*)


*Speedo Broken for 7 years.



I also ride my brother motorbike a bit which is a 250ZZR.

This is the Diahatsu and Mitsub in the 1 picture.


(Includes dads Moke and Citcrap C5)

Thanks to my brother:


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