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  1. What? Public school is free and college is free for a large segment of the population. Plus there is also loans. We have some of the best educational institutions in the world. It is not the responsibility of the government to force people to go to college. People have the individual responsibility to go to college and improve their lives. I work and go to school, both full time. I will not believe that others can't do it as well. -mav
  2. According to Perot Charts, in 2005 the top 5% of America paid for 58% of the income tax revenue. I don't think I'm being radical to say that they're paying their "fair" share. It's no wonder people set up tax shelters. As for Palin, let's see the numbers. I'd be interested to break down the real data. On Obama and taxes - First, only the income portion of his tax plan would be limited. The capital gains and estate taxes apply to everyone. This fact that he wants to take a very large portion of my parent's money when they die doesn't sit well with me. As for Reagan - You can argue against it, but who do you really think will pay more taxes when you increase the cost of running a business? Do you think the business owner eats all of the cost? Don't you think at least part of this will be seen in the form of returned cost via price increases? This argument applied to "large evil corporations" as well. When you make the cost of business go up for P&G, what do you think happens to the price of Tide, toothpaste, toilet paper, etc? -mav
  3. As a libertarian, I want less taxes, and a smaller government that stays out of my way. While I agree with your premise, the assertion that Obama is equal to socialism is simple not true. He is obviously not in agreement with libertarian view though, and as such someone I couldn't vote for.
  4. First, the ability to check an email account is not on the top of my or the majority of American's list of priorities. It's a non issue. Secondly, many small businesses that are sole proprietorships make 250,000 a year. This is commonplace and all of that revenue ends up in the owner or partners pockets. I'm from a rural Ohio area and the average salary is just under 40,000. Given the fact that the majority of households are now two wage earning ones, this gives a total income of 80,000. I concede that not all households are at this level, though this is the average for homes with two wage earners. Frankly the assertion that 250,000 is rich is ridiculous. Sure, it's a few times higher than average, but rich? Wouldn't that level be 500,000 or 1,000,000? Third, health insurance costs more for a number of reasons, upon which is increased care, technology, drugs and research. Hell, insurance for the doctors themselves makes up a large chunk of what gets passed to the consumer. Offering anything above basic care on a socialized system will fail. Lastly, I continue to be frustrated by people who state they can't pay the bills working their general labor/minimum wage/no skills jobs. Minimum wage was never meant to support a family. Do you really want $7.00 cheeseburgers from McDonalds? Were do you really think they're going to make up their increased labor cost? The level of inflation and cost of living would increase to remove any advantage of raising the pay for these jobs. If you really want to make a difference, improve your value by learning new and valuable skills, which raises you marketable pay rate. -mav
  5. So you have the talking points down well. Do you even realize how ignorant it looks? I'm completely for freedom of choice and given that freedom, Obama may cover your personal issues better than any other candidate. It would just look more intelligent having a well thought out reason or two. First, gas is at $2.00 now (at least in the midwest). This bastardization of a talking point is thrown around, but is full of fallacies from beginning to end. Other than releasing oil from our reserve, the president (any president) can not influence oil or gas prices directly. If you must maintain this position, back it up with logical proof. Looking into a "supply and demand" curve might not hurt either and the industrialization of China and India isn't helping matters. Second, no candidate will personally create jobs. Perhaps his policies may lead to jobs being created down the road, but they're is no magic wand that will create thousands of jobs in January for any candidate. The market and business will need to see an upturn in confidence and consumer spending for many consecutive quarters before restoring or creating new jobs. Some sectors won't be likely to come back as strong at all. Do you think Ford and GM will bring back jobs when they've lost massive market share and their dealerships have been closing at high rates? Lastly, it's my personal opinion that a large hurdle for this country is that the majority of this country is uneducated regarding politics and many other topics that are at the heart of America and the world. People don't understand how lending actually works. People don't understand basic math when you relate it to taxes, spending or health care (which is a whole topic in itself). How do you fix the education problem? I really don't know. I only hope that smarter people than me figure it out. I'm a libertarian, I don't like any of the presidential candidates..... and I approve this message. P.S. - Both Biden's and McCain's history and current policies on the DMCA, privacy and telecommunications scare the shit out of me. -mav
  6. I have to think that pixelcorps would be willing to pick up pixelperfect. It fits into their lineup better anyway. As for Webdrifter - it never was going to catch on. The niche is too small for a company to run.
  7. I bet the tech guy is a 60's something that hasn't changed the system since 1990. It's common in small environments to not change what is functioning and create more work for yourself. I've seen it a couple of times myself.
  8. E-bay has been pretty useless for a while.
  9. Yep, he dressed as a ninja the whole time. He actually did a presentation today (day 2) using a text-to-speech app. Big thanks to Darren and Paul for answering all my podcasting questions.
  10. What's the desired functionality? Should the user begin the process? Should the file be determined by the user?
  11. ping -c4 yahoo.com | grep '/' | awk '{split($4,t,"/"); print t[1], t[2], t[3], t[4]}' produces... 77.310 79.124 83.042 2.285
  12. I work at a creative agency, so I'm almost the lone iphone holdout
  13. both have drawbacks for me... - if i go with the storm, there's not a real keyboard - if i go with the bold, i have to switch to at&t/cingular/bell south/at&t mobility
  14. www.google.com/ig engadget.com slashdot.org phonescoop.com (i sold phones for waaaay too long) lifehacker.com smashingmagazine.com digg.com/technology (sadly, no root visits anymore) woot.com
  15. I'm still rocking a treo 700w and it's getting slower by the day. I've been torn between the bold and storm, though I may not be able to hold out long enough for either one.
  16. Dualcore looks pretty sweet. They're from my home town as well, so that's a plus. Maybe Cincy has something other than horrid sports teams after all.
  17. Anyone else waiting for the Blackberry Bold? I've about had it with the multiple delays. My current treo is close to it's death.
  18. Sounds great. Anyone else going to be around?
  19. Hey, Is anyone else attending day-con.org in Dayton, Ohio on Fri-Sat (10th-11th)? I thought Darren say he would be there. If so, it'd be cool to do a meetup. -Bill
  20. I'm very interested if you don't mind releasing it. I'm sure it'd help me learn. I'm toying with the idea of a few small video posts, but I'd want to clean them up with titles and such. P.S. - Hope your hand feels better!
  21. Does anyone know what software hak5 uses to add the titles/lower third to the videos? I want to play around! :?
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