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  1. well thats easy when there windows breaks you put fedora/debian on it with the programs they use i.e msn open office vlc and so on then a quick 10 minute lesson and your done
  2. why does no one leave quietly anymore? why do they feel the need to broadcast it to the world?
  3. 100 bucks i spose i dont really get paided in hardware cause i usually fix everyone's pc :P
  4. The original reason why this wasn't said earlier. if you say anything and anyone disagrees its an instant lock
  5. debian/fedora are a good mix of command line and gui
  6. linux fixed all my windows problems :)
  7. work for 45 hours a week skate for about 20 hours a week and computer the rest
  8. i hated python :P but that might be just me :P
  9. If it isnt in the repository it can be a bitch to get it to run. i prefer compiling from source then using rpm because you can see why it fucked and and how to fix it.
  10. snakey


    straight fedora/debian install :)
  11. debian/flux works well
  12. snakey

    eee pc

    701sd does "not" have a ath0 wireless card. it has a realtek 8180se which is a pain to get working on the current kernel (believe me i just did it). but if you do get one i can help you get it working.
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