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  1. well thats easy when there windows breaks you put fedora/debian on it with the programs they use i.e msn open office vlc and so on then a quick 10 minute lesson and your done
  2. why does no one leave quietly anymore? why do they feel the need to broadcast it to the world?
  3. 100 bucks i spose i dont really get paided in hardware cause i usually fix everyone's pc :P
  4. The original reason why this wasn't said earlier. if you say anything and anyone disagrees its an instant lock
  5. debian/fedora are a good mix of command line and gui
  6. linux fixed all my windows problems :)
  7. work for 45 hours a week skate for about 20 hours a week and computer the rest
  8. i hated python :P but that might be just me :P
  9. If it isnt in the repository it can be a bitch to get it to run. i prefer compiling from source then using rpm because you can see why it fucked and and how to fix it.
  10. snakey


    straight fedora/debian install :)
  11. debian/flux works well
  12. snakey

    eee pc

    701sd does "not" have a ath0 wireless card. it has a realtek 8180se which is a pain to get working on the current kernel (believe me i just did it). but if you do get one i can help you get it working.
  13. i would go 3 single card like i am atm cause i dont need the pci slots and it works heaps better
  14. why not hack the gibson? your at school you dont need net access
  15. shove it in and hope it dont fall out ;)
  16. i started this shit to expand your coding abilitys and to show your stuff not argue about whats coding and whats not shame on you.
  17. overclocking a laptop is a fail spray paint it i spose if you must
  18. subs will not make an intercom system they only go doof make a case and have subs for your puta
  19. yuck at using ubuntu. Debian/fedora are a much better choice
  20. i crashed fedora yesterday :):):)
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