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  1. Still feel free and just register on the forum if you want to help others by sharing your knowledge.
  2. Site is up and running, and is obviously a work in progress. http://www.collaberate.co.uk/
  3. Hiya All, you may remember I posted some months back about trying to create a UK Security Conference, similar to that of Defcon etc. So if your interested, please share this information to others who may be interested. So please visit http://www.collaberate.co.uk/ and register if you are interested and we will see if there is a real appetite for this in the UK. Thanks for looking Dale
  4. I went and tested it at a friends house and it did indeed work, so no idea why its not working in the lab. Oh well.
  5. I would call the support guys a call if your not able to resolve it yourself through the management console. I have called them a few times and always been impressed.
  6. So assume thats all good. Karma is also certainly enabled.
  7. Just for clarification, what should be the criteria for someone connecting to the Jasager Fon device? Now I have sorted my subnet issues, I have set it up in my lab and got it connected to the Internet. Obviously if you look for wireless devices you will see OpenWRT and you can connect to it. So now I turn on another laptop that normally connects to, lets say WORKAP. Obviously not being at work the AP isnt here, so I assumed the Jasager would say "yeah, WORKAP thats me" and connect me. However that doesnt seem to be happening. Perhaps this doesnt work to well in a lab environment and n
  8. I have the Acer Aspire One. I went for the 8GB SSD version, and upgraded the RAM to 1.5GB. I was running the standard Linpus OS, but just changed to Ubuntu at the weekend. I also use it almost daily with BT3 running of USB, and have no issues with aircrack etc.
  9. Ok I have resolved my issue, and can now have the Fon connected to the Internet, and be able to access it myself over my network to view the status. This is how. (Help Also from byte_bucket on PaulDotCom IRC) I SSHed into the Fon (Wired or Wireless) I then typed To see the configuration, showing me as expected static IP is I then confirmed this with Then I did the following Then confirm again with then Job done. Hope it helps someone.
  10. I mean when my Fon is connected to my wired network, I am unable to access it as I cant identify the IP address it has been allocated. I assume this is because the Fon thinks it and my network doesnt use that range. Although it is assiging connected client via dhcp from my network. So basically in your scenario (and mine) how are you monitoring and connecting to the Fon to see what going on in real time.
  11. Robin, I have a similar setup, however when the Fon is plugged into my wired network it doesnt show up in the connected devices, so I cant easily see the AP to connect to it. Any tips?
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