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  1. For our Japanese Bash Bunny users, here is a translation of the READ_ME file. Big thanks to El Kentaro for creating this for us! BashBunny_README_J.txt.txt
  2. Here's Viss's Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RavenholmSpices I'm a fan. I put mine on tacos, in spaghetti sauce, basically anything that needs a kick. I keep a container of spices on my keychain - it's a necessity.
  3. The current state is unknown, however with the correct sixth sense, you have the ability to know the full truths.
  4. All of our episodes are posted on the Youtube channel: youtube.com/hak5, immediately when available for release. The RSS is currently up and down, so I'd suggest subscribing on Youtube to get them as soon as they release.
  5. Hmmm... I know several folks who have been working on similar things such as checking out keyfob frequencies, however I think they change everytime so it'd be hard to decrypt. Dragorn did this which looks pretty cool: http://blog.kismetwireless.net/2013/08/playing-with-hackrf-keyfobs.html
  6. Sorry to say but I agree with most of you lot :P When you're using company equipment / on the clock I just assume you're being watched. Hell, back in the day when I was full-time at a bank as a CSR, I know I was being watched because they eventually blocked my access to the H5 website.
  7. Hello to all of our new forum members! Thanks for joining :)
  8. I feel sorry for this guy. I haven't seen his YT videos but it sounds like his vids are pretty similar to what we do. I hope he's able to resolve the issue with Youtube!
  9. I found tweezers to be best as well. I hope you enjoy the ducky!!
  10. Yup, I was curious about it too, so I interviewed Steve Gibson on Tekzilla. It's a pretty cool tool, but it's pricey.
  11. Cooper, sorry, but I HAVE actually had some hands on experience with that one and reviewed that one. I personally enjoyed it use, and it's matches robertrust's criteria, other than the price. It run games well enough for amateur use (not for a serious gamer), and works for general schoolwork. Yes it's missing a couple of ports, but those can be implemented with a USB hub. The hinge is tight and isn't an issue, and the battery lasts over 5 hours, which I consider low compared to a MBA or S7. Not to mention Dell also has excellent customer service from my personal experience. Honestly, I'm not sure I could provide a worthy recommendation unless I've actually used the product in question, which is why I recommended that XPS 13. I would recommend something like my Acer S7, but that's way too expensive, unless you purchase an older model. Robertrust, I hope you find a good laptop that meets your needs. LMK what you choose. :)
  12. Other than the fact that the story is incredibly sexist (like... I know a few marketing chicks who actually do know a thing or two about programming, so you never know...) I've been doing something similar for consumer freebies. :) There's a site called PinchMe that gives you free consumer goods for your reviews. Just put in a work address and your fake email and you're good. They don't pay you but you do get freebies in the mail, with little effort.
  13. +1 here too. I'd love to get one in to review.
  14. This one is one of my favorites. It's a little over $1000 though: http://www.dell.com/us/p/xps-13-9333/pd?oc=fncwp1238s&model_id=xps-13-9333
  15. If it happens to disappear anytime soon.... No one come snooping around the studio ;)
  16. Hello Rob and Bob! Welcome to the forums!
  17. Hey there, We're pretty behind on getting orders out like normal, so you may see your order ship after 2-3 days from your purchase date. Just a heads up!
  18. Will you be using it while walking around an expo hall? Because if so, I'd recommend a wired mic and a camera with an audio input so you don't have to deal with wireless interference.
  19. It's a pretty good documentary, and somehow Hak5 ninja'd our way through the whole thing. ;)
  20. I prefer the Acer Aspire S7 laptop- it comes in at around 13", has a great resolution, all around good specs... They just released the Haswell edition, but you can get the last generation for half the price, equaling around $8-900. Their new ones are around $1500.
  21. Hooray a book thread! I have a goodreads account that I keep updated with my newly read / want to read books. Here is my account: http://www.goodreads.com/snubs Current read: 2001: A Space Odyssey Recently read that rocks: Game of Thrones, Ender's Game, and some of the Sookie Stackhouse novels.
  22. Thanks for posting this topic, WideEyedAndClueless. I've emailed my coworker to determine a fix for this issue. I've gotten a few emails in the past year regarding the problem, but not to the point that it would be considered a known issue. We also don't check the forums daily, so the best place to contact us regarding problems is shop@hak5.org. airman_dopey, based on my email to you, it looks like you emailed one of our contacts outside of shop@hak5.org since I referred you to that email address. Unfortunately we can't track orders outside of that account, so we prefer that all issues and correspondence are made through the HakShop email address. Also, if an email is sent to one of our hak5 accounts or a personal account we aren't able to pull up your order information, so it does help to email shop@hak5.org instead. Through here, we should be able to rectify a solution! :) Problems aren't considered common if we aren't notified of the problem!! So please do email us, because we want you to be happy. :) With my two full time jobs and work keeping the Hak5 podcast going, checking the forum isn't something I do daily (though I wish I had enough time to be on here more often and a part of the community!) We keep this page (https://hakshop.myshopify.com/pages/item-faq) updated daily with information when it becomes a common problem, so information regarding voltage and known issues can be found here. This (https://hakshop.myshopify.com/pages/refund-and-return-policy) is our return policy for exchanges and refunds. I'll update more later once I hear back from my team.
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