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  1. If you want to have .img, why not .iso or .nrg?
  2. I highly doubt someone is able to take this bicycle for a ride, unless you cycle with your hands and steer with your feets :)
  3. Is time.sleep(1) on windows the same as time.sleep(1) on linux?
  4. Captain Obvious, at your service.
  5. I don't know a Schmoo-Con
  6. As far as I know the protocol itself doesn't provide such a ability. Nevertheless you can use PuTTy or script some .sh with while true; do ssh connect
  7. 1. This is done to hide the account on the welcome screen on an ordinary windows xp/vista installation 2. I guess so, but I never did that. 3. see 2.
  8. To be sure, install NoScript which blocks JavaScript. JS can be used to read some interesting browser information.
  9. Windows are already transparent. SCNR
  10. I can't help but reading "podslurping"...
  11. Yep, I thought instantly of "twitter phishr" :)
  12. Sparda, what's the point of calculating the checksum? I'm not hitting at the "security" of md5, but the fact you did it. http can be edited and screenshots can be photoshopped. So what's the point?
  13. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  14. Could you please post/name the used wallpaper? I like it :)
  15. @IOSys: I did, and I tested it myself and successfully sniffed some credentials.
  16. He said he can browse https sites, so why does the proxy expects http?
  17. You mentioned that they only would allow unsecured http traffic. Are you sure that you can't browse ssl secured sites?
  18. It would be useful if the missile command actually displays how many people are in front of the user, so he can estimate when he can command & conquer :)
  19. Hmm, with what algorithm is HTTPS encrypted? SSL And ssh? SSL And as far as I know, firewalls usually don't check the packets so deeply to differentiate between ssh and https traffic (if thats even possible).
  20. Right, although some clever marketing guys could eventually sell this as the "most secure encryption thing worldwide" :)
  21. Hmm, if ROT13 is insecure, maybe it will get secure by encrypting the data twice, I think I'll call the algorithm ROT26.
  22. This can be circumvented by running the ssh service on port 443.
  23. What about a robotic arm whichs grabs fired missiles from the ground and loads them onto the rover to save ammunition?
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