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  1. Case looks great, but a transformers logo? Can we get a hak5 logo there? GOOD WORK!
  2. But some out dated pages, such as the BBS, are protected from editing. The bbs is gone, and I can't change it's status.
  3. As I was browsing the wiki, I noticed a few things. First of all, it seems like the episodes have been abandoned. Did someone neglect to add episodes after 3x07? Second of all, it seems that the BBS is was not functioning, even before the Hak House flooded, yet it is still marked as active. There are also a lot of Dev.5 projects on there that have been abandoned, and are in need of clean-up. I was wondering if I could help in anyway to get the wiki back in shape.
  4. some of these are just plain sick......
  5. Just a thought: He could have set up a fake e-mail, and used another gmail account to get the email from it, but he didn't. Instead of following the number one rule of not disclosing real info, he took the easy way to skiddie hell.
  6. ...and comcast will never know how the exploit worked... the end...
  7. It can be done, but the U3 tech is made up of their controller and their dying software platform. The software is outdated, and by emulating the U3 tech, you still wouldn't get any autorun out of it. It is the controller that does the work, not the software.
  8. If the hacksaw was on there, it must have been pretty vulnerable to just about any attack. My anti-virus picks up just about every part of the hacksaw, making it very easily detected. I doubt that just the hacksaw did that. It was more likely a mixture of various attacks.
  9. Hmmmmm..... I didn't know that an IDE to USB connector had the included power supply. Anyways, if an older bios doesn't support booting off of a USB drive, then you can make a boot disk. I have seen some that will boot *anything*.
  10. I hope they get arrested, sued, and sent into internet hell. I wonder how they managed to DDoS them. One data center usually isn't enough for a big site like Rev3. I wonder if they got "other" help....
  11. Well, it has been fixed. There was a physical error on the disk. I have since replaced the old hard drive, so this topic is not really needed. I tried spinrite to no avail.
  12. nicatronTg

    XP SP2/3

    I read that there was so many updates to xp that providing all of the updates in the service pack would be huge. If this is the case, then it only proves that M$ is fucked up.
  13. W3 has some very good php info here: http://www.w3schools.com/PHP/DEfaULT.asP I also suggest looking at MySQL sites and learning some basic queries to help your php application. http://sqlzoo.net/
  14. Open FireFox in safe mode and disable all add-ons. See if you can load images. If you can, keep enabling add-ons until the problem comes back. If you can't, create a new profile.
  15. Is the FileSystem corrupt? I think so, because Windows can't see one partition, but Ubuntu can see it fine. What kind of partition repair tools are there? The thing I was having trouble with was moving the files on Ubuntu. I could only mount the hard drive as root, so I couldn't use Konqueror to visualize it. I haven't used linux in a bit, so I can't exactly open up a shell and work on it.
  16. THIS HAS BEEN RESOLVED! THERE IS NO NEED TO REPLY AGAIN! Short story: Computer crashed, and the BSOD I get when I boot is UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME. Long Story: I recently installed SP3, epic fail. Ever since then, I get BSODs for completely stupid reasons, such as my wifi card not authenticating. Anyways, one happened so I rebooted. Once I rebooted I was confronted with the error in the title. I rebooted, hoping it would go away, but it did not. I booted up an ubuntu live cd, and I can access the files, but I can't get them off. I was wondering if anyone had advice on copying the files over to a flash drive, because ubuntu can't see my flash drive. What I have done: I have mounted the partition successfully. I can copy the files as root, but only using the command line. What I want done: I want all of my documents, desktop, and other random things off there onto another flash drive. Other info: I used Kubuntu (the KDE version of Ubuntu) as it is the only live cd that isn't scratched like hell. I have multiple partitions, E, and C. I can access E in Windows (on another computer) connected to an external volume, but cant access C on Windows. On Ubuntu it is vice versa.
  17. You may want to try Free CMD if the command prompt is blocked. I am suggesting this purely for reference purposes only. If you are shutting it down for malicious intent, then any damage is not my fault.
  18. Very interesting... I will try it out.
  19. That is like setting $1,000,000 on a table. Would you think someone will not pick it up because it is on a table? No. If you are paranoid, you can always take apart the HDD, and smash it up with an axe. Else you may just try a Boot & Nuke disk.
  20. As far as the computer crashing, I would just recommend using a linux distro for the security... There has to be something that deals with this on linux.
  21. Would USBs have enough power to run a CD-RW writer? Or would you need two usb slots, 1 for power and the other for data? I have an old laptop, and I would like to try to get Ubuntu on it, but it has no optical drive.
  22. I would think you could delete the U3's drive letter via a command line app, so it can't call data from the U3. Example: 1. User plugs in hacked U3. 2. Program finds U3, and deletes it's drive letter 3. Error happens, stopping the data from being run You would need to do this in c++ or c, as they have access to the system that c# doesn't.
  23. I'll try to get a mirror on my site aswell, but my host is f*cked up. Currently, they are ripping me off, but I'll try anyhow. EDIT: No luck...
  24. If MacOS is just BSD with a fancy skin, shouldn't you be able to build a BSD script and run it on a mac. Like the script to build what ever is in a folder? If not, you could always try a third party c++ compiler.
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