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  1. I don't remember SCAR needing java, but I know it can interface with java. I actually used to script scar key loggers(long story) and I didn't need java. Maybe this new version has some stuff changed?
  2. You have pointed out that you love that language from the day you started posting. I can respect you, but as mentioned in previous posts, I would like to see some code, before I make some judgment calls on your chosen language.
  3. Here is what I can't understand about school hacking. What's the point? To change grades? That won't happen. To get to websites that you shouldn't get to during school? For god sake, how long do you even use a computer at school? An hour? Want to be cool? Mod a game, don't hack school. School Hacking died with phone phreaking. Most of us don't even have a land line, nor do we want one. Just thought I'd post my two cents.
  4. I got dumped for saying that. She thought I was being a complete liar.
  5. I have a question for you. Did you learn how forums work on Mopar? No, I'm not linking to it, but did you? Mopar really is a skiddie playground. Please don't keep saying SCAR or SRL were hacked and now do other things. SCAR is a color picker, and it can't interface with most of the computer. You can do good stuff with SCAR, but please show us some working code before you post anymore about how good of a SCAR script writer you are. and VaKo, if there is a spell checker for IBP, can we have it imposed?
  6. vote4bush is correct. Best Buy thinks they can make money off of Linux. Watch them fail.
  7. I don't use XBL, because I can't mod there. I use Xlink Kai. My XTag is nicatronTg.
  8. Yes, thats what most of us mean by 'we are hackers'.
  9. First, SCAR IS A FUCKING RUNESCAPE CHEATING ENGINE! HALO HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH SCAR. SRL is the SCAR RuneScape library. Second, look on a forum like Seven Sins for Halo Modding Crap.(http://se7ensins.com/) Third, Your English looks like crap. </rant></rant>
  10. Nope. That project was abandoned because the program can't crack wifi, just deauth it.
  11. Here is an archive to http://web.archive.org/web/20041203194609/kaitnieks.com/. Nothing much, but I'm glad to help.
  12. http://www.dylock.net/scar/ Scar is a RuneScape cheating engine. The guy who created it has left the internet, his site was Kaitnieks.com. Scar is used mostly for RS cheating.
  13. Edit: Just read Moonlit's comment. Don't think I want to interfere with this mess.
  14. As the noobs would say: is k
  15. As I recall http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/.y2k98R44eVSZx3Eu9aCSTYnxJ9DQobf has a bit where Darren is joking about a fan-fic that was later removed from the forums, during the software change. The title, for all of the new people, was 'Darren + Wess yaoi fan-fic NSFW'. Gay people are completely fine, and yes, I know Darren isn't gay.
  16. I've been to busy to post on a forum. There aren't Skiddies, because of nothing to do. We are hate SomeoneE1se(lol).
  17. If you are looking for a specific thing to do something, google how to do <what> in <lang>. If you are a web designer type, look at the source of cool websites, and try to figure it out.
  18. nicatronTg


    I believe that the customizing program accesses the drive at a lower level than the OS will allow.
  19. Here is what I can't see: Why would you actually want access to a public computer at a wal-mart? There is no internet, and getting a pass there wouldn't carry over to a staff machine.
  20. A live linux distribution created for penetration testing and security. It comes with hacked wifi drivers, crackers, etc. BackTrack three has been in beta for ages...its nice to have a final!
  21. Wow. At my my local library uses DeepFreeze... You could make a warning about using usb keys on the computers, incase the hacksaw was present...
  22. I will try as well, but I don't have that much time to do it.
  23. It depends what it is used for. I would use SMF just because its free and well supported, but someone in-experienced with running a site might pay good money to have someone set up IBP for them.
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