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  1. Try Googling or I always test search hacks with general searches, not just specific ones.
  2. Interesting, but all it did for me was remove all but one sponsored link :/
  3. I don't want to draw any attention, but on that list someone's password is "chocolate", as well as "westside". I'm sure they've changed that by now, but doesn't that give you an idea of how crummy some people's passwords were/are?
  4. I think that's fixed in 3.0 and technically, you can edit the file that contains the login script to read "reset" instead of "recovery".
  5. I'm not gonna lie, it's great that you let us know. 'course, when you forget what you've used a password for, well that becomes a problem.
  6. Thanks, once again my old xbox can be used for something decent.
  7. *looks at posting times* Hour and 30 minutes decided that.
  8. To be perfectly honest, I pay for NOD32 just for the event that I have to download something that is possibly obscure. It does a fine job, but to be honest, so long as your not an idiot and follow something like your doing fine.
  9. DK said he might do an article on this, so that would be helpful. Yeah, I know BFing it isn't the way to go, but at this moment I'm stumped.
  10. Damn, part 3 is really hard. hints pl0x? I think a few of us are brute forcing it in hopes of getting it.
  11. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/04/28/mi...etires_autorun/ Looks like this is the end of USB hacks. According to the article, after they retire it in Windows 7 RC1, it will then be applied to XP and Vista.
  12. Here's a solution: look at why re-installs are better: 1) Fresh start. Any malware that you didn't know about is now gone. 2) You learn from your mistakes. Look for the same ways the last thing got in and close off those holes. God only knows how many patches for patches Microshaft has released. 3) No more shit that you don't use on your box. Unfortunately, most of my re-installs were made because I had no other choice, but it needed to be done. I usually reformat every year, just to keep anything that I don't want in out for good. @VaKo mostly because nobody backs up their data. Then they re-install they have nothing(like me and Win7).
  13. Strangely, I feel the same way about my windows installs. Here's a rough list of last year's installs(and early 09's), and weather they failed or not: 1. Windows XP - Said the partition was unreadable, deleted it. Failed later. 2. Windows XP - Finally worked, on a 20GB drive that would later get smashed to the ground. 3. Windows XP - Failed. Brand new burned copy from TechNet said it was damaged. 4. Windows XP - Worked! 5. Windows 7 - Nuked XP's bootloader & partitions. It took 4 tries/re-burns to install. 6. Windows XP - Thank god it installed correctly. Fuck you too windows 7 build 7000. In all, I was only satisfied with 2 installations, the windows XP installs that worked.
  14. Yeah, when I look at the site, I see tons of stuff I open for like 20 seconds to something...that's it's problem. It needs to count only after a certain amount of usage.
  15. Why not try: *SMF - Great forum, tons of stuff for it, free *PHPBB - Great forum, JS heavy, patch or you die, free *IPB - Greatest forum, JS equal, patches released on a good time table, good support, etc, $100+ USD for 1 year support I recommend IPB, it's easy as hell to set up, administrate, and it logs everything.
  16. My prediction will soon be fact. He speaks the truth.
  17. I feel like I'm being stalked when I'm using it...
  18. Instead of a password manager, do what I do. Have around 5 levels of passwords that you use: 1. The "enter it anywhere" but still secure password. 12 numbers and letters. 2. The "more secure" password - stuff you care about. This is a combonation of something you like, converted into something like 1337, with random letters and stuff. 3. Ultra secure. They need to either a) key log it, or B) be you to get it. No 1337. Use a different language all together, mixed with symbols and letters. 4. 24 character symbol pass for your local shit. 4. 64 character wifi pass & banks, etc. Done right, you will never need another password again(change it often though). And what ever you do, don't use firefox or IE's password managers. Bloody hell those are easy to get. Almost every switchblade out there grabs those.
  19. *registers* Sounds good...what next?
  20. Exploding laptops are bad. This is why my desktop is my buddy, not my 2 year old laptop.
  21. Before you go, do tell of all free MMORPGs that are better than RuneScape in anything but graphics. And if you judge a game by graphics then you clearly need a lesson in gaming. @Bourvi yes I'm serious. I can play what ever damn game I deem I like. More importantly, why do you even care what I play? /runescape related part of topic Edit: I'll bet you never considered that it was a free browser based MMO. This was un-heard of when it was released. And for anyone else who cares to reply to my post, feel free. I'm not going to respond to you.
  22. Wow...I can't believe I forgot about that. Thanks guys. @str33ts0ld13r demonoid ftw
  23. Yes. It's not that bad so long as you avoid the 10 year old idiots that play with you :P
  24. Who really pays for a language? $30 or no $30, it's a language. It should be free.
  25. 1. Removed due to the immaturity level of the responders. 2. Combat Arms 3. CSS 4. TF 1/2 5. Halo 1/2(mostly mods)
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