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  1. Yah, it does more bad then good to merge partitions. I tried this once, ended up copying everything I cared about onto a flash drive, and reformatting. I guess, if you had access to the physical locations of the partition, you could repartition the drive to the exact specs... but that may conflict if you defragmented. So, copy all files you need / care about, and do a reformat.
  2. autoexe.bat - I forget where it is, but just add those commands to that script, and they will run on log on, or on start (I forget) This should work, unless it calls another script, because the other script will not be processed on boot, canceling out the effect of the file itself.
  3. Odd, I never got that when I used Windows Firewall. I switched about 5 minutes after the install to my own hardware firewall + Comodo
  4. aka. Linksys customer support
  5. PWNED a bit, but well done :P **insert Evil Laugh here**
  6. Our library uses pc reservation. I killed the process, and it resulted in my session being terminated, the librarians notified, and I got fined. Anyways, I found out a few things. [li]Most libraries use PC Reservation[/li] [li]Most have cmd disabled (can be re-enabled, check the tips section for my thread)[/li] [li]Most will freeze if the program is terminated during use (already logged in). So, we need a way to run the payload BEFORE the session starts[/li]
  7. Expensive, lumps of garish plastic with 3 minute battery life and pointlessly overpowered components? Well, each to their own I guess... 'tis my dream to own a lump of garnish plastic with a 3 minute battery life, my current one has a 30 second battery life...
  8. Which was after the conversion. Not to worry, the database should be sync'd again when we officially change over. That explains it..... Thanks...
  9. But you registered on: Thursday December 06, 2007, 01:35:21 --Taken from your profile-- They must have not included me in the mix :(
  10. ...Or a strong router password / WPA-PSK2 wait, what? ...Or a strong router password / WPA-PSK2 Which will do fuck all to secure any public facing services... The only answer for things like this is a VPN. anything secure and encrypted that you can tunnel over would work Sorry, I was under the assumption that they were on wireless....... But a VPN is good.....
  11. I registered on: Saturday February 23, 2008, 10:30:37
  12. VNC only allows 8 character passwords... 64 is a little to long to be truncated...
  13. Same problem... Did you transfer the entire database? I really want to try out IPB. I think that my password might be a problem, it uses non-standard characters...
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