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  1. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to have the bash bunny use a specific folder as the flash drive. One of my favorite methods of getting people to plug in a flash drive to a corporate computer is to pretend I need my resume printed for an interview. Under most circumstances the default storage attack mode would work. But I've worked in locations where only IT is allowed to use flash drives, and 90% of IT folk would be very suspicious when they see the payload folders. Simply to avoid suspicion it would be beneficial to be able to use a specific folder as the flash drive wh
  2. So we all know that our passwords were compromised. But did you know that your password it publicly posted on the internet? And we were also told that the server was attacked..... But did you know that hak5 was the target? http://r00tsecurity.org/files/th28gaa1g.txt Just search hak5, The third one is the start of a nice bit of information. Sorry if this is a repost, but I thought it needed to be brought up.
  3. 82698,40980,82698,42132,4896,2112,9360,87210,87210,9360,2112,4896,42132,82698,40 980,82698 65538,32772,24560,8472,21024,2888,17536,2888,19264,1160,19264,4648,24848,16360,3 2772,65538 43690,87380,43690,0,37668,18504,9360,78642,78642,9360,18504,37668,0,43690,87380, 43690
  4. Hello All, Im trying to follow this tutorial: http://www.reelsmart.com/2005/12/06/os-x-t...r-between-macs/ But my problem is that i only have the general preferances not sharing. Image capture is version 4, and we are running mac os x 10.4 I dont think i need to be loged in as an admin but i havent tried that yet.
  5. They don't give students admin rights/password. Because no one is a major apple user at the office, the security settings were over looked and allowed anyone to connect. I have shown the other techs how to fix this (Its not my job, unless told, to add passwords or limit permissions) But now we are trying to find the student who has been doing this. @Sparda thanks Ill Look there, forgot about the wonders of Unix in the windows world. Ill diffidently check that out next time I go to work. Any idea what file though?
  6. Im at my internship and we have a problem where a student is loggin into others computers, Ive googled around but havent found much info, but is there a logfile that would contain the IP of the last few computers that remote connected to it? Or is there a way to find out who the last person that remote connected to it was?
  7. OK I got it to work ("Hacked" together that is) This is what I did (in case anyone else wanted to do the same): 1) Change background to solid black 2) Remove bottom panel 3) Removed everything from the top panel 4) Changed the top panel to black 5) added the ubuntu menu (this has everything in it even the administration and preferences menus) 6) made the top panel auto hide 7) disable 'keep aligned' on the desktop 8) made my desktop icons as small as possible 9) moved the icons to the far corners of my desktop so they were just barley visable Welcome to your new black des
  8. Thanks for that suggestion I will try it.EDIT: Apparently there is no command to start ubuntu in full screen mode.... =/ I think ill need to look for another work around. (For anyone who doesn't exactly know what I'm talking about here is a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hRoXINg0FM) I'm also thinking I could just set the resolution to what ever the video is but that is more of a last resort.
  9. Hey All [Mostly Darren], I'm making a Tamagotchi of our Mascot for my High School but am running into a slight problems. The first thing is I'm running ubuntu for this, Everything else will be more or less the same. (I would run it on windows like Darren did, but i need to make a live CD and this will be the easiest, or so I thought) Ive set up ubuntu to auto login my user, and start this script: vlc /home/nphs-user/Desktop/tamagotchi-videos/* -I http --fullscreen --repeat That part is fine, But when I switch videos (using the web interface) the video minimizes and I see the desk
  10. OK, I spent most of last night looking at raidz, and i think i have a general understanding (I've never used Solaris). Raidz: you can add disks to an array its all "software" based (there is not controller like raid 5/6 etc.) the data is all check summed allowing a file to be fixed if it get corrupted. Now is there a web interface similar to Openfiler's that I can download so i don't have to do everything from the command line (major selling point for me)? Or at least one that will allow me to set up my shares (NFS, CIFS, iSCSI, etc)?
  11. That looks very interesting, I would jump on that if it were for personal use. But I'm not sure if i would want to use it in a production environment. I will keep it in mind though and keep researching it.
  12. I need to build a SAS. I know I'm going to use openfiler as the OS. Ive chosen this case: http://www.plinkusa.net/web4121.htm My questions are: What is the best way I should do raid? 1 card, Multiple cards? How can I set up this server so it is expandable? Should i just get direct attached storage? or can i buy a second case and just add an external sata ports?
  13. While looking through the internet i came across this: http://www.citrix.com/English/ps2/products...p?contentID=186 I doubt that they are using this, but i wouldn't doubt that they are using something very similar.
  14. I plan on installing openwrt on a router, and using serproxy to receive the tcp data from the client and send it to an arduino board. I found an example that kinda does what i want, but I'm just so clueless in action script and flash that i don't know how to mod it. Link Here And Here Is Some More General Information
  15. Hello All Ive decided to make an RC Car controllable through my computer. (Yes this idea came from the USB missile launcher) Ive got the hardware issues all straightened out, but I'm only familiar with PHP and MYSQL. But what i need help with is getting a flash interface that will send any key press to a server on a given port. The server program I'm currently using is serproxy. One problem that I see at this time: If two keys are being held down at once, both keys needs to be sent to the server If anyone knows how to do this easily i would appreciate it very much. And credit would be
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