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  1. I'm fairly sure that you just have to email darren@hak5.org with your details + proof you won.
  2. And you too have a virus. Kill explorer, scan using something decent like NOD32 or BitDefender, and hope that works. If it does, great. If it doesn't, do the backup, format, and reinstall dance.
  3. Hypercam is also acceptable if you can't be f***ed to install CamStudio(but the beta requires no install).
  4. Direct link to Vmware player download for everyone who doesn't want to give them info: http://download3.vmware.com/software/vmpla....5.3-185404.exe
  5. Make the person buying it sign a contract.
  6. WoW takes how long to download? Our libraries here can't even run it. Library computers are for research, jobs, etc. If I were you, I'd backup that torrent and upload it somewhere else. TPB ain't gonna be around much longer.
  7. Sounds fun, but what's the cost of making one of those? I would imagine that could be a great thing to steal buy for fun, especially if it's hackable.
  8. Unpersons is great, but it's lacking due to infrequent updates. However, I do listen intently when a new episode comes out.
  9. It's trying to stop the flying arrows while using WASD that kills me.
  10. For a more Hak5ish reply: Mintirc won't show your IP, it should be something different, and all you need to do to get more secure is to register your nick and auto identify, which will change your hostname to users.mintirc.net. Zone9...well that's for you to find out.
  11. Sounds like ya'll had fun? I had trouble finding plane tickets :/
  12. I just suggest not using the u3 smartdrive platform, Portableapps.com has a 100% better system then U3.
  13. Or he sucks at English. I don't think we've had spambots with the vocabulary of a German person.q
  14. He just said he didn't want a password. There's no real way to make the bootloader check for a keyfile, or something related to that. Even so, someone with the ultimate grub boot cd can just install a new bootloader.
  15. Lets see...I'm presuming that the following were/are correct: -Command prompt is "disabled my administrator". -Batch execution is disabled "Due to the effects that it can have on this computer." -Your trying to run a batch file...for what reason? If you absolutely need what it does, then your best bet is to make a program that uses system calls... And in the end, your doing this is in a 30 minute session in which as soon as your logged off, deepfreeze erases all your changes. E: @H@L0_F00 is correct. Why the hell do you need it again?
  16. I'd be watching my back if I were you.
  17. Would you take the answer in base 4?
  18. Holy crap, I wouldn't be caught dead making that, let alone running it.
  19. I just have a copy of PStart on my flash drive that I use to open all my portable apps. It comes in 2 varieties, portable and desktop, and both would be a good way to go mate.
  20. @CraigHB the production quality improves drastically in S2 and S3, yet we still get repeated segments, like, how many times have I heard how to make a TC volume in Hak5? If stuff from S1 needs to be redone, then redo it, but stuff that we've seen multiple times gets really old, really fast.
  21. Why can't anyone here understand it's likely he's not fluent in English/he/she can't type well in English? At least this is better than complete Arabic.
  22. As Moonlit once said: "Time for the backup & reinstall dance".
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