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  1. Hello, Thanks for the help, I used rsync like telot suggested however, different options. We were using a php script to copy the backups from the webserver to our local machine for backing up, and turns out there is another issue with the scp command within that ( I did not write that php script it was what the boss had been using for quite a long time ). However along with the php issue we found that the QOS on our router was to blame. Not sure 100% at what would have caused that but we are able to reliably use scp through command line. So I rewrote what he had as a bash script and things seem to be going smooth "knock on wood". Many thanks to Infiltrator and Telot. Thanks, Shane O.
  2. Hello Infiltrator, Not really sure, we use rdiff-backup to generate the backups. I think there is a reason for us doing things this way and the person I would have to ask is out of the office until Monday. Thanks, Shane O.
  3. Okay we have a php script that runs to copy backups to our local server at work from the live servers. We were having issues getting it to copy the full file over, it would hang and stop halfway through. So we tried to use the straight scp command and we get the command saying "stalled" then eventually it will fail all together. Some times we can copy a bunch of them this way but then it will stop. We also can connect using filezilla and sftp and we can copy as much as we want. What can we try, or what information would you need. We think it is on our end, we recently replaced the modem since it kept dropping our connection. We know it is not the servers themselves since we had the same issue even after upgrading on both ends. On the remote end are beefy web servers and no bandwidth cap. We tried doing a bit of research but did not find too much on the issue. Only thing we found was running it on a different port and I think the results were the same. Thanks in advanced and let me know if you need more information. Shane O.
  4. Hello, I am installing Centos 6 on live box. I need to have a GUI installed for a few app's. But when I set the run level to 5 and reboot the loading screen sometimes stop mid load or gets to the end and never shows the login screen. However I can pull up another terminal login, I have looked at just about every log and don't see anything that sticks out. Also Ubuntu "Server" worked but I would like to have a similar environment to what is being used at work so I can fix issues a bit easier. I have tried installing it on another computer and same thing, I have however tried it on a virtual box and the gui works perfectly. I have tried minimal, and the full dvd both have the same issues when booting to a gui. I have also tried different ways of installing the gui, right away when installing from the dvd or from yum. I have also tested the hardware, Initially I saw issues with nvidia cards online so I yanked the nvidia card and tried an ati same thing. Specs of the computer I Tried C2D e6600 2gb ddr2 800 pny 250gb wd caviar/120gb hitachi travel star/ seagate 80gb ide ati 4650/nvidia 6600gt Via c7d 2gb ddr2 667 mixed s3 onboard vid same drives as i used previously I have also tested memory and such, I dont think its hardware since same results different boxes. Not exactly sure what could be causing this but would like to get the gui working... Let me know if you need some logs or pics of the loading screen. The rest of the machine seems to work, I can hit apache, ssh and use the command line.
  5. Alrighty I had tome to reinstall windows and well that helped quite a bit windows 7 shaved quite a bit of time off with a lager movie, the smaller blu-ray was about 8 hours before the larger 50gb blu-ray takes about 6-7 hours which is more acceptable. I am looking into a 4 series of nvidia graphics card for cuda since I am looking to run WOW on a bit better box then my mac book. I seem to not be able to find the cpu's for this board so I am looking at setting up an AM3 or i7 box...
  6. Grab a copy of this, http://oca.microsoft.com/en/windiag.asp, or memtest86 run that see if it is your memory, also press t to do a thorough test. Also can you replicate the BSOD in any way? You may want to consider reinstalling windows if the memory test comes up clean.
  7. I feel a bit dumb now, didnt see the image. Now does this only do this on google? If there is anyway to get to the search settings. I can get similar results by changing the language under that. I would also look at your settings in ubuntu for language since google maybe detecting the language from your operating system.
  8. Also I would get onto another computer that you know is clean and change your passwords... Since you may never know whats going on. Also try http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897445, it is a rootkit revealer, if you start noticing strange behavior and strange results in your searches and such this will help diagnose the problem.
  9. I am running 2 cpu's. I may hook up another hard drive and install windows 7 x64 and see how that affects the encoding time. As a side note, the only thing about this board is they made so similar of boards I may have posted the wrong one. I will have to grab the exact model number but mine is a bit different and only supports the quad cores, it was an early board. But even though these boards are end of life they still have been doing bios upgrades for them... But the last one I had was for the shanghai processors.
  10. So I'm S.O.L. and need to upgrade... So what about this processor? My motherboard is this, just so you know, I'd like to exhaust my options before considering to replace this rig. I know where to look for getting information on desktop processors but since these are technically server chips there is little information on it. Sorry if I am being a bug and thanks for the help again.
  11. It takes around 8 hours for a 19gb movie, I also looked at the hard drives and I tried a single drive vs my raid 5 and also a wd raptor hard drive and all had about the same amount of time. I brought up the resource monitor and that told me about 97% of the time the hard drives I was using was idle.
  12. http://www.vclcomponents.com/PHP/Web_Traffic_Analysis/TFS-info.html is this the same thing, from what I can tell of the code they seem to be the same. Also I would have to agree with Alias, look for something newer, since I could not find anything on tfs besides this and something being produced on the msdn... Also if you are looking for web statistics why not try the google thing?
  13. Yeah I was just not sure of how much of a speed gain I would get from going from two dual cores to two quad cores. Because if the speed increase is minimal I would just bear with it. The software I use does support cuda, DVDfab. I have a friend that is going to let me use a gts 250 so I will give that a go and see for myself since I cant seem to find any comparisons on the subject.
  14. Hello, I have quite a few movies, I do own them of course and have backed all my DVD's so I do not have to worry about damaging them. The software I have also does blu-ray. However I have come to realize that it takes way too long for one movie, about 8 hours for a movie that takes up 19 GB on the disk. This machine was purchased off of craigslist so I got it for a reasonable price, and do a lot with it but would like more of an expert opinion on the subject. I do run some virtual machines from time to time using VMWare server, just so I can use my images with the school computer, and I have few issues with that. However my question is would upgrading the processors and / or using a graphics card with cuda help me more than going with a different architecture. The motherboard is a Tyan S2915 and is a Reference version, the two processors are Opteron 2216 HE's they operate at 2.4ghz and I have 8gb of memory I have a raid card for my hard drives and an old nvidia 5500 serving up the graphics. My research shows this board only being able to go to the shanghai processors which are the quad core. I have tried looking up to see what desktop grade chip all of these processors compared to but was hitting many walls, the shanghai cips seem to resemble a mid range phenom II however I could be wrong, also cuda did not turn up much for information. I have a friend that says it does help a fair bit but not sure if it would even be worth my time. I can pick up a pair of them off of ebay for about 300 total after shipping, they are the 2.4ghz shanghai cores, I can dig out the models if needed. But I would just like to be able to not have to wait so long, since I have only tried it with older blu-rays and I could only imagine a newer movie with more content on the disk. Also as a side note I do copy the disks to the hard disk before encoding since it goes way faster and allows me to experiment with settings easier. Thank you for any help I may receive.
  15. now with a copy of windows 7 (just to see if i can get different results) well i do, now the media sheild program only shows 2 drives. the raid bios has all 3 in a raid. I think its a driver issue but it is the newest one. I am at a loss. Ok, for the edit, reinstalled with drivers from tyan and now hapilly copy data from the back up to the raid5 array. Averaging 35mb/s drive to drive
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