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  1. edit: cleared post. just went with the long method
  2. I'm running the latest Ubuntu distro and am having a problem with a micro SD card. Its an 8gig card I use for my DSlite. I use it in a cycloDS card. I plugged it into a windows system and there was no problem at all, but when I plugged it into my laptop it was read only. I did some googling and none of the solutions i found fixed anything. So here is a short list of what I've tried. There is no lock switch on the card. There is no lock switch on the adapter. The card did not have one of those breakable tabs to begin with. "sudo mount -o remount,rw /media/[card]" returned an error. The error returned was not "No such location" or anything similar to that (dont remember what it was and dont have the card atm) If you have any idea why it is showing up as read only please let me know. Ive got gigs of media to transfer and my external HD is slow and i dont want to have to transfer it to the hd and then to a windows system.
  3. i was using the clone remover tool by moleskinsoft when i had windows but since i wiped my hd and switched to linux only i havent been able to find a good program like that. im wanting a program to find duplicate images. clone remover worked well because it found similar images as well as copies. it would search the image content and find images that were only different in size or differences in quality. ive been using fslint but it only finds exact duplicates. a resize isnt picked up. any suggestions?
  4. changed it after upgrading to natty narwhal
  5. still dont know how to change the workspaces but i have found a good guide to unity. http://www.webupd8.org/2011/04/things-to-tweak-fix-after-installing.html hope that helps someone. i shrunk my launcher icons to the smallest size and things are much nicer now edit: oh and i found if you right click on the applications icon in the sidebar itll give you a list like it did in gnome. makes things easier to find edit2: actually that first program can edit workspaces. its under general settings. verticle size sets rows and horizontal size sets columns
  6. i downloaded it and am loving it for the most part. I like unity. takes a lot of getting used to and ive switched back and forth between it and gnome a few times to make sure i could access everything. i just wish i knew how to make some changes. adding an extra 2 workspaces (i use 2 rows 3 columns), adding shortcuts to the shortcut menu (top left of screen), and it would be really nice to have the "places" menu from gnome again so i can mount get to files easier
  7. ty lol. i thought that would be a good place but i knew if there was a better one someone here would know it. topic post updated
  8. I recently had fatal issues with my vista installation. I could not fix the problem with anything i could think of nor the aid of google so i just backed up all my files (thanks to an external drive and my ubuntu studio installation) and reformatted my entire harddrive and repartitioned it. I made 4 partitions. 2 ext3. 15gig each 1 swap. 2gig 1 ext2. remainder of the 150gig the first ext3 i used for ubuntu. i want to use the second for mint. the ext2 is a large neutral storage area for the 2 operating systems. and the swap is for the extra memory. i have a bad habit of keeping multiple programs open weather im making use of them or not and from what ive read it will help. the first problem is that i cant get mint to install. i cant boot into the installation disc. i open the boot menu when i reboot and choose the cd but after a few seconds of reading it just loads ubuntu. doesnt even start grub (which it seems i need to manually install it too). my guess is the disc is corrupt in one way or another. im downloading another copy and reburning as i type so just ignore this one for now. burned a new disc. cd version this time. worked perfectly and installed just fine. fixed grub too. the second problem is the error with my windows partition caused the computer to crash meaning that i couldnt get back in to do things like exporting playlists and bookmarks. i dont mind loosing playlists as i rebuild them regularly anyway and do that mostly from my phone. but i had a lot of bookmarks saved and those i cant lose. i backed up the "program files" firefox folder as well as the appdata folder for my user. i just need to know what file contains the bookmarks and how to get to them imported into my firefox in ubuntu and mint. and the 3rd is just a question. i never got around to learning anything indepth when it came to bash and terminal. i just learned how to do basic things (copy paste, su, sudo, apt-get, etc, etc, etc) but as im going to be using linux exclusively for a few months (until i can get a new laptop) id like to know more about it. does anyone knwo of a good source of information and tutorials on using the linux terminal and writing bash scripts? answered ty in advance for any help
  9. yeah thats probably what im going to end up doing. im deleting a lot first though. im going through winamp and removing the files from the hdd. going alphabetically by artist so i can keep track and get it done of the course of a few days. about 230 songs down and in the D's lol
  10. if its your primary and your using that much memory then yeah go ahead and upgrade it. if nothing else maybe when you replace it the next one will be compatible and you can carry over some extra ram
  11. i have 2.2k songs according to winamp (just audio) im going through them 1 by 1 tonight and deleting a lot and replacing low quality tracks. problem is a lot of my music is indie music given freely and its all in separate locations on my computer thanks to having moved my collection through 4 different computers. so the media files are in a terrible file system used during transport. im wondering if anyone knows of a program that will scan my harddrive for audio files (i only use mp3 and flac), create a "music" folder containing several subfolders for each artist and subfuloders within those with the albums. something that could read the id3 tags would be nice since im also correcting tags tonight. id like a program that will consolidate and organize my files. something besides itunes because itunes is rather irritating and since ive switched to using my droid for my media player ive gone back to winamp and never want to deal with itunes again.
  12. i gotta say i really miss the end of the episode bloopers. idk if you guys just dont have them anymore or what but they were awesome lol
  13. would be helpful. im still using a core2 duo. hope they get to wok on a laptop processor. imagine a netbook with a ssd, one of those processors, and a proper amount of am (article hints at some being built into the processor). mobile hacking paradise
  14. looks interesting but at a point in the video it looks like the bg is hak5 inspired lol. similar font and what looks like a high quality picture of sparda's avatar
  15. you remember correctly download your addon. extract the files if its zipped. put the root folder(or folders depending on the addon) into the \interface\addons directory in your WoW folder or if you want things easier goto curse.com and download their client for you system. it will download and install the addons to your computer for you and keep you up to date on them
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