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  1. would a cat6 cable be the same as a cat5 cable?
  2. I got a router linksys WRT150N upstairs and i got eth0 going down stair where the main router is.My question Can i setup a router upstair and use a 2nd router downstair for my own network and how would i set it up or what hardware would i need?
  3. What does anyone think about www.openrange.com My question is what would be the 4G speed to cable or any other isp?Would the weather would slow thing down?
  4. I did try some of the new drivers and still had prob.The other question if how do i tweaks it in windows 7.Forgot i got the Killer k1 card but not sure if they support it still.I did look on the forum.With the new driver the game server would not come up at all that is odd.
  5. I was just asking why.I did understand why it was freeze up on me or maybe it was the drivers.
  6. That make no sence a network card that block world of warcraft.I not going to start a flame war with YOU!
  7. I got a Killer network card i found around the house.I want to know how do you set them thing up to world of warcraft? I download the drier for windows 7 it works for abit and then latter when i want to log in to world of warcraft itwon't let me why is that inot set it up right? I hope someone that play gameonline can help me:) I fix the prob i had to use a older driver for it and the new driver don't work much.
  8. What plugin are good for gvim for java?
  9. I want to know what would be better for java eclipse or vim and i want to know what plugin would be good to get with gvim and i be working on big projects. I can't make up my mind what would be better to start out in?
  10. I mean can i make a perl script that bource off any server to make it look like someone other thn you is port scanning?
  11. How do i make a perl script that will bounce off any servers?I hope i put in the right area.
  12. No it not spam i been try to 3 hours on my windows 7 i thought comeing here would help.How would i copy it to my addons?
  13. Has anyone install Razer Naga wow addon and i am useing windows 7 and i am newbie when come to windowa 7. here the link http://www2.razerzone.com/videos/ hope someone can help me.
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