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  1. Thnx for that distro. Looks interesting, I will check it out also. I just skimmed over their website - it is GPL v3.0 so truly FOSS :D BatteryShock
  2. Just to throw this in there, I have seen routers which can actually write to syslog. See if your supports this feature. You will have to have a linux box for that and give the router the ip address for the linux box. This should log all info to your linux box from where you can extract DHCP information using scripts. Check your router if it supports this scenario. :)
  3. My setup for 'NAS': Everex StepNote 1500V - 512 MB RAM - Built-in Ethernet card Ubuntu Server 9.04 External USB 3.5" HDD I use sshfs to map from the OpenSUSE box to the laptop. Hope it helps to develop your 'idea'. :) BTW, I never played with FreeNAS so I don't know how it compares to Ubuntu Server.
  4. Hello everyone, I have a question that has troubled me for a while now. I am the child of the post-IRC era, i.e. my world to chatting was opened up with Yahoo! Chat rooms. But eventually I found out about IRC and one day logged into a server with an interesting channel. I noticed that as soon as I logged in my 'ip address' was shown in the room. Now since I usually bend towards the paranoid spectrum of security beliefs, I was wondering how secure this is and how other people use IRC. I know IRC is still being used by people but do they use some special software to secure their ips or
  5. Hello, I have seen Linux used in a small business setting and thus can share some knowledge. Please see my response below: ///////// > I was thinking about all of the Windows Server "products" (Server/SBS/Exchange/Active Directory, etc) I deal with daily for my job and > thought it would be great to learn the Linux equivalents/alternatives. I then go to thinking about how one could replace Windows in a > small business setting. I did a Google search and saw many people replace their Domain Controller with Samba, but I'm not sure what > the advantage to this is if you are
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