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  1. I have already tested that and it gives me the same problem..
  2. I reformated my usb as FAT32 and the same problem + I get the message "HBCD folder not found!"
  3. Are you sure that everything works on youre Hirens? I can start some things, like memtest but i can't start stuff that drivers must be loaded. You know that when you get questions like "Load xyzscsi.bin?" They fail on my computer. EDIT: I have a sandisk 16GB cruzer micro and it's formatted as NTFS does it make any difference?
  4. I'm trying to boot Hiren's BootCD 10 with this: kernel /systems/memdisk initrd /systems/Hirens/HBCD/boot.gz It's booting fine and i can run stuff like memtest. But when i am trying to launch a bigger program like P Partition Manager it gives me a Error when all drivers are loaded that no CDROM is inserted or something. I'm also trying to load ERD Commander with This: find --set-root /grldr chainloader /systems/ERD/setupldr.bin And That is not working.
  5. That is not an option for me. :( I have a EeePC 1000HE. But what about truecrypt and some modifications for it or something.
  6. I run multiboot with XP and BT4pre perhaps modding bios or something should work
  7. Is there a way to lock a computer so it is not booting witout a MMC/SD/MS card inserted? perhaps a keyfile on the card and no need for 100 caracter password.
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