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  1. I wish all isp's gave out free routers...
  2. And fix the auto log out problem. I don't think "Remember me" works...
  3. It is because it is very true. The fact that just about every script kiddie would download it is a given. Here is a start:
  4. As I recall, it does install gtk for Windows during the setup, but first it checks that you don't already have it.
  5. There is a program that does that, by Moonlit. It is called Anti-USB. It protects against USB based attacks. Download: http://nicatrontg.awardspace.com/mirror/AntiUSB.rar
  6. Can we get a Ooo spreadsheet instead? I can't de-microsoft my computer if Excel 2007 is on it to read the spread sheet. Otherwise: I'm in.
  7. Take your computer, and throw it out the window. Next time, use google. </rant>
  8. Lol, an actual every ip adress in the world program... now we need one for IPv6.
  9. If it works, let me know. You may also know that the dlls are System.dll, etc, not System.IO.dll .
  10. "Honey, where did the coffee maker go?"
  11. Yes, but who doesn't like frying their own hard disk drive with a rouge usb hack?
  12. Thanks, that should take some getting used to.
  13. I didn't mean ascending or descending, I meant something like the "#new" in smf. Ex: http://www.simplemachines.org/community/in...?topic=236816.0#new (not sure if that is exact)
  14. I guess what ever the application is "using" could be packaged in the directory that the program resides. EX: using System.Windows.Forms; using System.IO; //etc Just copy the dlls, and put them in the local directory. The example was in c#, but you get the idea.
  15. I looked there, but didn't see it. I'll go check. brb Edit: Yay, it worked! Now if it would just jump to the newest post, I'd be fine.
  16. I love this forum, although I wish that when I click a link on the main page (index) that was recently posted to, it doesn't send me to the newest, I always need to scroll down. I wish there was also a breadcrumb at the bottom, so I don't suffer scrolling too much syndrome. The max post per page limit should be reduced. Other than that, these forums are awesome! I love the "fast reply"
  17. I do have disk images, consequently, they are on the dead box. I can't find my Live CD, so is there another option?
  18. You want to see the topic entitled: "readme.txt - the final readme", as it has valuable information that you may need for this forum.
  19. Welcome to Hak.5!

  20. See bolded term for further debate. Digip: The left one has various "people" in it, including hands holding a monkey idol.
  21. I wish I could, but I scratched my XP install CD up, and it will not run...
  22. Yah, this sucks. Today I tried to install Windows XP SP3, and failed. It went fine, then hung at "Cleaning up files". Great. It forced me to reboot, so I did. Once the reboot was complete, I was greeted by a message telling me that it had an incomplete update, and it was restoring the system's pervoius state. After that boot, I was presented with another window telling me that it had completed step one of the removal process, and was about to finish step two. When I hit ok, it died. The system rebooted, and now I'm stuck with tons of error messages, and worst of all, no usable laptop. I'm writing this from mo old 128MB of ram computer, so I ask: HOW DO I FIX A BROKEN SP3 INSTALL?
  23. I'm more of a linux person myself, but I do favor XP over Vista any day. I can't exactly "afford" a high-end computer, so I don't want to murder my current one with Vista. Why Linux? I'm currently fighting SP3.
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