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  1. amen matt! looks cool/ideal foir my Samsung NC10!!! i shall be downloading it :-) Hades are there any requirments live .net / or anything?
  2. for some reason i am no longer manager of the team... i didnt sign it over to anyone... so im guessing it has been taken off me... im not sure how this is possible... anyone got any ideas?
  3. @ Work we are thinking about getting a Dell server with ESXi Hypervisor and we need to figuire out what config of storage / server we need. What we are trying to achieve: -We are going to be hosting several 2003 servers for storing members of staff's user areas, shared document areas, User profiles and possibly user application data. -Run other VMs like pfsense / freesco router / Windows XP test machines for MSIs etc... What we are unsure of: -The best config for a server of this type given that its going to be serving files used by 1700 people ish We initialy thought about a Dell PowerEdge 2900 iii with 5 300GB SAS 15k disks 4-8GB Ram.... but is this going to be capable of doing the job? I know its a bit open ended but if there is anyone out there who has experience in this area any kind of advice would be greatly welcomed... This solution will need to do the job (we are having speed issues at the moment and the money holders want things to be faster plus we want a VM solution) so this is why we are asking for any help or experience anyone can offer. Cheers Ollie 'BuzzinH'
  4. lol you do eventualy forget about it lol! I felt the same!
  5. we need to get more people to use it so we can be the top group!!! HAK5 Wakoopa team FTW!!!!!!!
  6. http://wakoopa.com/teams/hak5 Come join the Hak5 community wakoopa team ( if you use wakoopa that is ) :-)
  7. i would be running this on a VM machine. Not anywhere near to the rest of my network :-)
  8. Yea i heard that in the show too looks internesting.. i think your right... leaf is too zero conf (not enough features) open vpn looks good but im concerend it maybe a little feature packed and complicated to setup for people with less knowlege of this kinda thing??
  9. send me a pm with you leaf nickname and ill add you to the leaf network. :-)
  10. Im up for it shall we get one started? would you be interested?
  11. It is very similar but feels a lot nicer and simpler to use.
  12. Like hamachi there is a authentication server which you log into ans that gives you your unique ip address but the rest is controled by you and the other clients in the network. If anyone uses it let me know and we could make a community private leaf net. :-) buzzinh
  13. http://www.leafnetworks.net looks really cool just wondered if anyone used it?
  14. Cool thank you! I will have a look. cheers Ollie
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