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  1. AMD is good enough performance with a great price tag deal
  2. Interesting any of u have checked out world in conflict Saints Row 2 and GTA 4,Golden Eye Source how are they havent been able to check em out yet
  3. Heyy people what are your 5 favorite games Mine are 1.Age Of Empires 2(I know its an oldie but a goldie for me.....i luv kicking every1s ass) 2Company Of Heroes 3.Devil May Cry 4.Call Of Duty :Modern Warfare 5.Fifa 09
  4. Ya seriously 40 -60% of your budget can be spent on your graphic card the 260 or the 280 are superb.If you want your pc only for gaming this is the ultimate choice
  5. Hmm dont know.....but thats a useless sale gimmick
  6. yea probably i had a similar problem as i had copied it directly into a drive root....but then i restarted explored the dir and then copied.....
  7. Heres a few addons http://www.antionline.com/ - Tutorials, tools and forums full of helpful people. http://www.governmentsecurity.org has quite alot of resources including good forums and papers but registration is closed to the public there again, however one of it's sister sites http://www.datastronghold.com/ has alot of information and is a gateway to membership at governmentsecurity.org if you write your own article. http://www.l0t3k.org/security/ - an archive of articles and tools, mostly aimed at someone using *nix though. Not updated as much as it used to be. http://www.microsoft.com/security/default.mspx - The official place to find out about security in Microsoft products. http://www.warriorsofthe.net/ how the internet works SecurityForest: http://securityforest.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
  8. I agree you must run Linux as a vm if gaming is your basic need .A dual boot is also a considerably good option.....And Refering to the Xp Vista thing Xp is much better at everything(Gaming+Daily Use)
  9. I think a 520W would be enough.....with a Warranty its worth it
  10. Hmm i own Playstation 2(100+ Titles, 3 wired controllers,1 wireless & EyeToy) PSP(used to misplaced it) GameboyAdvance PC config AMD X2 6000+ 3.0 Ghz M2n-Sli Deluxe Motherboard 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 800 Nvidia 9500GT 512mb 19"ViewSonic 2.1 Channel Creative Speakers 500GB HDD(2 160 GB External ones too) Cooler Maste3r Elite 340 Casing Asus DVD Writer Hmm thats pretty much it
  11. Heyy people i thought that we must have a thread to discuss the websites we go to weather normal or underground Post anything Hacking/Security/Mod/Torrent/Other website that you like.let me start with my dailys. Mininova,ThePirateBay,Hak.5,Rlslog,SecuriTeam,EthicalHacker,Irongeek,HellboundHa ckers,Facebook,Isohunt,Orkut,Wired ThreatLevel think thats pretty much it.They are common ones i think just incase you post websites that are not so common please include a discription
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