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  1. I know it was ages ago, but thank you for your post about WAIK. It saved me a ton of time and helped lead me to mastering my own Linux based live cds. Thank You

  2. A loner, eh?

    I can respect that,

  3. Am I the only one who thought "Terminate and Stay Resident" when I saw TSR? :/
  4. New? 362 posts? :D Since I'm here... Chris, aka Moonlit / Shinku Favourite game: Not a big gamer but I'll play almost anything. Favourite OS: I'll use almost anything, even if I don't know how, but you'll usually find me hanging around with some obscenely old version of Windows. AmigaOS, MSDOS and RISCOS are some of my favourites though. Favourite console: Dunno, SNES? Nationality: British Accent: You'll have to tell me, I wouldn't know. I've been told it's not a very strong accent though, whatever it is. Sex: Male Birth date: 4 July 1986 Marital Status: Single. Too single. :p Build
  5. wtf was that? You're attracting the wrong kind of attention bommaboy2789, just thought I'd mention that. Keep your nose clean, will you?
  6. You know, someone might actually help you if you stop talking like a 3 year old retard...
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