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  1. @Predator https://shop.hak5.org/pages/policy#warranty https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/requests/new
  2. If you are going to post HUGE F-ning posts. Use spoiler tags.
  3. I spoke with one of the developers. This is legitimate. Possible announcement via social media in the future.
  4. 18 U.S. Code ยง 1030. Fraud and related activity in connection with computers
  5. I just swapped to Brave the other day. I couldn't believe the load times. Installed my usual chrome extensions, and I have PiHole network wide.
  6. If you setup internet connection sharing on Kali, be sure to disable it's network manager. It will fight with Internet connection sharing. https://github.com/hak5darren/wp6/blob/master/wp6.sh
  7. Found this: http://a.co/fVdZ22y If you look in the "Customer's also viewed" you can see others.
  8. Great work to all involved. Time to get out the army of pineapples for updates :-D.
  9. Great work to all involved. Time to get out the army of pineapples for updates :-D.
  10. Mostly Overwatch here when it comes to Blizzard games. I do have SC/SC2/SCRemastered,HoTS, D2/D3.
  11. I will merge the accounts. Side note, do you have a microSD card formatted and installed into the Nano?
  12. You have no idea how many domains get registered from random conversations that happen at the warehouse lol. It's almost every time I visit, a new domain is bought just because why not lol.
  13. Soon-ish :-P Or one of my favorite things I did at DerbyCon 2016 booth...
  14. No, Hak5 is not selling them. Do not buy.
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