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  1. PasswordGrabber by LazaGne Not Working

    Huh, that is strange.
  2. PasswordGrabber by LazaGne Not Working

    You could paste a little piece of code before that that disables the av: RUN WIN Powershell -nop -ex Bypass -w Hidden ".((gwmi win32_volume -f 'label=''BashBunny''').Name+'payloads\\$SWITCH_POSITION\disable-anti-virus.ps1')" That was the code and then you need this file: https://github.com/CIPH3R0/BashBunny/blob/master/USB-PWNR/disable-anti-virus.ps1

    I will take a look into that in the future, but since it is working now and I am working on some other stuff it won't be my first priority. Thanks for the link tho! could be very helpful in the future.

    I only tested it on windows and since it uses Powershell and WIN r it is not going to work on Linux. However, I am maybe going to try something like this for Linux in the future.
  5. Some help with PasswordGrabber

    I have had problems with the BunnyUpdater not working, so check what version your bunny is on and maybe manually update it. Worked for me!
  6. DDOS

    And if the owner of the website takes legal actions you could probably get sued!
  7. BashBunny notepad++ syntax

    I don't really know because I never use sublime txt maybe someone else can help
  8. save passwords

    Download the files, put the files in one of the switch positions, read the readme's do the configuration mentioned in the readme's (sometimes you have to download something or change some text) And you're done.
  9. [PAYLOAD] KeyHopper

    Ahh, I see my problem (At least I think) I used: variable="TEST" I've made some edits so it should all be fine now!
  10. [PAYLOAD] KeyHopper

    Yeah, I have tried that, but it does not type the variable out. that's the problem
  11. What's up with the Github Repo?

    Same here but I'm a windows/Linux user!
  12. Hacking Hobby Limits and Possibilities

    Hey man, can you give me the name of that university (maybe in private?) if you want to be anonymous then do not give it to me. But I am looking into this types of University's myself so maybe reading about yours can help. Only do it if you want to :)
  13. Hacking Hobby Limits and Possibilities

    Their consent has to be written tho, a spoken consent does not count!
  14. Not one of the hak5 products is working properly

    I have not had any problems at all. (except shipping costs)
  15. [PAYLOAD] KeyHopper

    * Line 29-31 if you want you can add that yourself but when/if I am pentesting I would rather not have to change the switch position. * Line 32-35 Yeah that was a previous command that I removed (is edited now) * Line 43-46 Because I am using a CNTRL v command that prevents me from doing that (CNTRL v pastes the drive letter of the bunny.) * Line 52 & 55 I was trying that but I could not get a variable to work with a string instead of numbers suggestions would be great!