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Found 14 results

  1. I was playing around with the ducky and an android phone and wrote a payload to forward an email to the address specified. There are two version one for Gmail and one for Samsung Email. Use GUI + E to find your default app. I put a comment in for a loop so if you wish to forward more than one. GMAIL: REM Forwards the first email in the primary section REM Only works for phones. REM Does not work tablets as menu bar stops tabs REM GMAIL SHORTCUTS https://support.google.com/mail/answer/6594?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en&oco=1 DELAY 1000 GUI e DELAY 1000 TAB DELAY 500
  2. I recently bought a WiFi Pineapple Tetra and started playing with it. I'm having a few issues that I need a bit of guidance in. I set it up. It scans, it's also connected to my LAN via ethernet. It receives the news bulletins and I can ssh into it so I know it's connected. I can update patches and it pulls data from wifi scans, load modules and dependencies. However... The reporting log shows multiple repeats of these two errors: 2019-09-10-19:00: Failed to save to SD card - no SD card found 2019-09-10-19:19: Failed to send email to email@address.com (this isn't the real address)
  3. Hello all Total newb here. Have done some small hacks in the past but no real knowledge. Recently had a friend spoofed from the email address @emkei.cz would like to know using the source if it can be traced back to the sender? reason this is important is this is a political issue. I have seen a lot of no's on forums but i thought this place might know more than the standard fare that comes up in google searches. Regards
  4. Hello community, Nice to be hear. I just wondered is their a more effective way of email bombing than I am currently doing? I have a simple home made python script which allows me to connect to a Google account I create ( Basic I know ) I am trying to work on over Email provider support. But anyway... I can't get past the " Text only input " is there a way to send files in email bomb attacks? Also how would this be done and is there a way to get past the terminal from cutting out due to the server closing the connection? is this due to the email service closing due to the volume of e
  5. I've tried every way I can think of. If all else fails I'll try to make it log in to like, dropbox and upload or something. I've dug through most the posts on this site and it's unable to send. Should I try to use a different one than Gmail? Is that the problem?
  6. I thought this might be a good topic for discussion. I had wondered how hard it would be add a bunch of people I didn't know to facebook or LinkedIn. I had noticed when I signed up for some social media sites that there is an option to import contacts from your email contact list. While it's illegal to send spam emails I don't think it's illegal to use the email addresses to add friends on facebook. So basically if you wanted to find a bunch of people from a company or a school on LinkedIn or facebook you could pretty much use a method like this in social engineering or phishing on social
  7. I am getting FaceTime calls from people I don't know. They are using an email address that isn't linked to any social media that I can find. How (if possible) can I get the IP address of the device calling? Or any other form of reverse tracing? Any help is greatly appreciated friends. Cheers, trolltsky
  8. I'm trying to generate an email'd report of the AP & Client scan, however the report can't make it out via email. I'm seeing these errors in the System Log: Wed Mar 30 09:00:00 2016 cron.info crond[1008]: USER root pid 6834 cmd /pineapple/modules/Reporting/files/reporting Wed Mar 30 09:00:46 2016 mail.err sSMTP[6948]: Unable to locate mail Wed Mar 30 09:00:46 2016 mail.err sSMTP[6948]: Cannot open mail:25 Report configuration is set to: Generate Report every 1 hrs Send Report via Email Report Contents set to: PineAP Site Survey Duration of AP & Client scan: 30 seconds Email Config
  9. Hi all, Here's a nice script, entirely in a batch file, that ; Prompts for input of a user's Full Name and Email Address Sets their password to a random string of uppercase, lowercase and numerical characters. Generates an email to send to them, with their new password. Notes; Length of the password can be set using the line Set _RNDLength= Whether user has to reset their password on logging in can be set with -mustchpwd Amend OU= and DC= for your own companie's domain. @echo off :Start endlocal echo. echo This script will reset the password for a user, using their Full Name, echo a
  10. Hello hak5 A close friend of mine was married to his wife for many years. He was on a 2 night work trip, when he got home Over 40,000 cash and from accounts, photos, cats, some furniture and valuables were taken by her and she left. With no notice or idea she was planing to leave. He got a call the next day demanding more money, he said fuck no. He gets another call an hour later from the man we guess she left with demanding the money or you will get hurt. My close friend suffers from polio and limps around, easy target. We need to get into her email address and i don't know the best method
  11. I'm going to start this by saying I know what I'm going to say might sound a little shady, but just bear with me here for a minute. So, this is the first time I've used this site, but a friend recommended it as a potential place to find a solution to my problem. Okay, so, I can't get into my Xbox Live account. Or the email address I have attached to my Xbox Live account. Because, in my infinite wisdom, 16 year old me (back in 2006) created an Xbox Live account without putting in my real name, or anything like that. All fake info. I did end up attaching my dad's credit card to it to buy gam
  12. I would like to share this one recent bug i found in gmail. It allows sending a list of about 200 email addresses and validates them if they exist in the google DB or not. This validator script is used by gmail while registering new users (ajax request is sent which shows whether entered email is available or not while user is filling up fields). Its simple XSS. Anyone can send a request containing multiple usernames and gmail replies with answer for every single of them whether it exists or not. Here is my oroginal post and description: http://vincian.blogspot.in/ http://vincian.tx0.or
  13. Hi guys. After watching the eppisode on pgp encryption for email and taking notice of all the unlawful spying going on these days I have been using gpg to encrypt what mail I can.. However, I cant get anyone else to give a rats @$$ about it. So, this got me to thinking the best I can do is secure my own account. Like so many I have mail on a gmail server that will sit there prettymuch for ever incase I need it; much longer than 180 days for it to become public property. SO.. I have been trying to find a way to encrypt all the message already received and sent ect.. Its far to painful to m
  14. Since my main focus has always been hardware hacks and OS's this problem is a little outside my realm. Two days ago my boss complained that he had 1400 returned emails in his inbox. It seems that our email server may have been breached and somebody used it to send thousands of Chinese spam emails. Now our company has been put on the email blacklist and we are fighting to get this runaway train to stop. The morning we discovered the issue, we immediately killed the sales@sybatech.com email address in Microsoft Exchange. Any ideas? Here's one of the headers (I also attached a saved copy of
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