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  1. Who said I was looking for support? I want to know if anyone else ever finds that Hak5 says they shipped, and Passport says they haven't. Hak5 says they have stock so I order, they take the money but nothing is ever picked up by Passport for delivery?
  2. I placed an order for an item that was in stock on Nov 6th. The system says fulfilment completed on Nov 7th. Passport says my item is to arrive on Nov 17 to Nov 21. It's now November 26th. Passport's AI chatbot just goes in circles and Hak5's tech support is non-existent. Hak5 order history page says they shipped the order, but Passport says "Awaiting item" Why do I keep shopping here? From the looks of things it looks like Hak5 took my money and pretended it was in stock so they mark it as shipped and fulfilled and passport has a shipping request but nothing to pick up? Anybody else run into this BS when they order?
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