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  1. lol i havent been on in a while

  2. lol ya, i dont go on much

  3. Hai!

    I forgot you had an account

  4. As I usu. do on any forum site at random when looking at "The newest member is..": Welcome to the Boards! ...or Forums, which ever one it is.. on boards.adultswim.com too much.

  5. I have beed watching Hak5 & reading on the forums a while now. Decided to join the site! Basic info: Favorite Game: Garrys Mod Operating Sys.: XP or Linux 18 years old Favorite between Odd or Even: Even Numbers Race: Chinese Favorite Color: Black Favorite Symbol: Biohazard Joined approx.: 35 Minutes before this post. Member No.: 9940 Yay & even number! Favorite HTML: <SPAM size=999> :D </SPAM>
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