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  1. @dr0p Where did you get that wallpaper from? I Love it! Cheers
  2. Siv

    May Desktops

    @dr0p: Sweet wallpaper you've got there! Link? :P
  3. Siv

    May Desktops

    MacBook Pro: eeePC 1000H:
  4. Siv

    Looking for a NAS

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I Decided to build my own. Looks like FreeNAS 0.7 supports ZFS now which is friggin sweet.
  5. Requirements: - 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports - Embedded system should be running Linux or any BSD variation Any recommendations?
  6. Damn April already, can't believe how fast time flies by... ... anyway, here goes the wallpaper for April.
  7. I really love the simplicity of your desktops Dr0p. Would it be possible for you to list all the stuff you use?. ( What launch Panel, CPU Monitor, etc...)
  8. Just found this page on the web and I thought I share it with you guys. (Attention, very long read...)
  9. My workplace. I used to change it about once a month, but I'm quite satisfied with the current one.
  10. May I ask what window manager you are using?
  11. My favorite Band: Archive I'm not sure if they're known in the States. It's a UK Band signed to Warner Music (france). Other than that I'm listening mostly to Indie / Alternative Rock.
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