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  1. =s sorry cant find the delete button ^_^
  2. Meh, doesnt matter i have time. =) One last thing... im looking to buy the Sony Ericsson c905, anyone has expirence buying cellphones in USA. I dont know whats best if to buy it direct-online from the maker, go to the store or a 3rd party store?
  3. Thanks for your reply's :D Im in Manhattan right now, its not as cold as i thought it would be, its really nice compared to the heat of my island. Anywhooo I cant Skydive anywhere in NY or NJ i have to travel down south to FL How can i get there? I checked greyhound.com and it says it takes 14-16 hour bus ride, but the Skydive instructor says its impossible, its more likely a 36h trip. Can anyone give me a hand here? Maybe a train or cheap airplane?
  4. Yeah, in this country they dont sell the fun routers... that will be one of the things i will buy for sure :D oh, from all the things to do, ill probably go to a metallica concert and maybe to the niagara falls... Well thanks for the reply... CHeers!
  5. First time in NYC, so im wondering what to do besides this: Im sure there is a lot more to NYC than this, but everywhere i look this is preaty much it. I will be there for 4 weeks counting from this tuesday ^_^ So the things im interested in: if you see/read it on hak5 im in (big fan), all outdoor activities, all extreme sports/activities (except for bungie and slapping a bull on its face), nighlife, rivers, beaches, lakes, concerts...etc I hope you guys are open minded if so, i can share a couple of items of my wishlist to see if anyone knows where i can get it done (ie: skydive <i think i got the place down, will be the first phone call ill make in US soil, no doubt any help will be greatly appreciated>, get a first person view at the filming of this show (hak5) i know it far but ill take a bus :P PD: Im a med student on my 5th year, and im doing all this because for the next year or so i will have no more vacations (wtf?... yes, no vacations... weekends off but not all of them) so i plan to have as much fun as possible on this trip.
  6. Sweet idea man, that has the concept down to the spot... in concept is the same idea take things you dont use or need and that are quite unexpensive or already available, plug that to the internet and boom. The only thing i would add to that to make it run uTorrent http server wich allows me to download and serve files. And instead of an SD card i would of picked something with more space on it. Thanks for the reply... maybe someday, someone will make it ^_^ and polish the idea even more.
  7. I bet most of us on this forum are 20+ (Should be a nice survey to know what type of population views the show...) and by now with all the big changes in operative systems and hardware chances are you have at least 2 computers in your house and god knows how many viable hardware lying around. Take me for example, i sold my old windows & linux desktop + my old acer laptop (never buy one) and bought a shinny new MacbookPro (Im a fan now) plus i got my self an external "Mybook" 500gig hard drive. Another scenario more likely to happen could be you have 1 good computer in your house and a couple of hard drives around with no good use. Here comes the idea for a hack and question... Picture this: Attach your external hard drive to a nintendo DS (its the only relatively low priced gadget that i know has wifi and has been hacked... but it could be anything) used 24/7 as a file repository and a download box (to download huge torrent files) or maybe to have all your most beloved podcasts ready for your return. Basically its a way to give good use to old hardware without the power consumption/price of a real computer or laptop. Sound good? Maybe an project worthwhile to show on a Hak5 podcast? PD: One can probably go a bit more evil and less altruistic with this, lets say the last show (have the girl go by with the DS make them reconnect to the evil pineapple and shortly after that with scripts or anything set it to download all files matching X/Y criteria (idk... ".jpeg, .docx, .xls) leave it on for a day, come back and see what you have fetched.
  8. WOW!! That was the best find ever ( ) But it has mayor inconveniences it looks like it can be easy to fall behind on lectures. But i was hoping to spark a future hack or maybe to get some feedback if there has ever been an attempt to make something like this... But hey its good and i might buy it. Its good to take notes while we are with patients and the attending doctor\resident\specialist is discussing the case or explaining something. I like it.
  9. What if instead of taking your 1-10 lb laptop to class to take notes you take something lighter that does not cost an arm and a leg. What if you can take your home made hack to class and show off while being productive... Picture this: Keyboard + Portable storage unit Maybe even one of those flexible portable keyboards hooked on to a little box that you can plug in a USB key to store the information you type. When you go back to your house plug the usb key into your computer, run your favorite office suit and fix the grammar errors if any. All though this idea can be further exploited in to something much more lets say include a small LCD or one of those horizontal scrolling text things you see on airports. Just an idea =)
  10. Now days we have ultra-thin laptops that pretty much force you to buy external optical drives (CDDVD-RW ROM drives) so i am wondering if anyone has a site with instructions on how to build one your self out of old computer parts.
  11. Mn


    Mmmm... formatre-install ... was my last choice. Just wanted 2 things: #1- See if anyone was interested in obtaining a copy of the trojan to better analize it in their home #2- See if anyone knew a good way for me re-claiming my administrator rights But hey you cant have it all in life can ya? =) Cheerz! ~Mn
  12. Mn


    Here is my story. . . bare with me im bad with stories. . . Im a med student outside the stats and today during my 3rd year in med school i found my self with the first trojan that i cannot remove from my computer. I was amazed since ive been around the internet since late 1990's and i always had a passion for the "hacker-world-ideal" thust i read alot and i considered my self to be an user above average. Today i insterted 3 USB keys in my laptop to share with fellow students a couple of books, on my last USB i found my self confused because the logo on the USB pen drive changed and it looked similar to a regular folder. . . But that changed in a matter of seconds and i said to my self "meh. . . its just another virustrojan" that i can get rid off. So far ive tried everything under my sleeve (hex-edit,search,delete registries, search for recent activity) and the only thing i found out is the file name of whats currently running on my PC and a possible name or nickname. I got pissed off and before anyone could leave class and before my pc got online i went and change my credicardemailstudent-pwd to a different one using a different pc. <<viva le paranoia>> What have i been able to tell that this program did to my pc: 1- denied access to the USB pen drive in witch it came, thust i couldnt even format it 2- inserted it self on to registry to startup automatically 3- removed search, run, control panel, user accounts, task manager features 4- deleted all the administrator account privileges. . . thust i cant do crap. . . not even under safe mode I would appreciate it if anyone could help me with a solution to regain back admin powers and also if anyone is interested in any file on my computer related to that trojan i would gladly do all in my power to help you obtain the file.
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