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  1. id love to see this code in VB =)
  2. im not using VB6 im using VS2008, the newest thing thats out (as far as i know) and like i said theres a way around it because the program xenocode actaully re-compiles ( i think) so it would have . net within the program, making it a stand alone.. thinstall did it too but it didn't work right lol
  3. haha this brings back memories, lol i had a hard drive and it started failing on me so i went ahead and reformated the darn thing and used it as part of my EXT. Hard drive kit...after saving some 50GB's of programming lessons, tutorials, WORK!!!!, programs ive made my self... the stupid thing died and i lost everything.. (died as in lol when you plug it in through the usb lol the comp would freeze or not detect anything at all, and when i plugged it vie IDE, lol the bios read the drive like "LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL _ LL" haha i was so pissed
  4. WOW! yu have emergency? thats pretty im pressive i used to love that game till i got to that darn race track level lol i was never able to figure out how to beat it
  5. yea.. ill see if i can upgrade this so it will flash or atleast reformat a whole entire u3 drive lol
  6. ahh thank you.. question.. how will that (except for the ejection part) prevent a u3 attack from the default iso thing.. so like if it were to try and delete it.. it wouldn't thus the attack would continue
  7. no, i compiled it and included the dll's but over all the program doesn't work ( its a browser.. ) *sigh.. any more ideas guys? i know xenocode does it perfectly but its too expensive =/
  8. hey.. lets all work for an ultimate cure for this... what is the probability of creating a program that detects and reads a usb once its pluged in?>
  9. well, i got pass view lol but i don't know how to make it store the info in a .txt file with out showing anytraced of it being ran, lol and like i said, lol it was just a ranndomm idea lol
  10. i like this idea it would give the new guys getting in to network securtity a good of idea of what can possibly happen
  11. System shock 1 System shock 2 another COD 4 Bioshock GoW STrangle Hold UT 3 Starcraft star craft brood war condemned far cry GTA vice city Fear Fera extraction point Resident evil Resident evil 2 (claire only) Resident evil 3 Resident evil 4 civilization 5 black and white 1 black and white creature isle UT 2004 the god father Prey doom 3 quake 4 marvel ultimate alliance halo genesis the universal crusade final fantasy online dino crisis pool of radiance hahaha i think thats about all i own
  12. well this is a question to just simply satisfy my curiosity, i know there are programs like pwdump and things like that.. but all i want to know is how they work, where are these hashes located and how do those types of software retrieve em?
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